Why would anyone want to swim in a pool?

Sounds gross tbh.


I have a hard enough time sharing the air with you people.

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You ever been in a hot tub??? :microbe: :microbe: :microbe:

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Chlorine usually works.

And diving and waterslides are fun.

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Skinny dipping is sexy. Sex in a pool is not.


If the good Lord meant for me to immerse myself in water, I would have been given gills and fins

It’s good exercise
It’s a nice way to cool off
It’s pleasurable

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A public pool? Eh, I’d want to see the chlorine schedule.
A private club pool? Eh, I’d trust them that they don’t want to lose members. Besides, elites.
My own backyard pool? Every day, perhaps twice on Sundays. I know the chlorine schedule. And when it is finally filled and with heated water (I’ll check the gas bill to see If I keep that up), it WILL be every day of the year. Ev.Er.Y. Day. Just to rub it in your face, CS. Come on out to Sunny everyday Southern California, and you, too, can jump into my pool. Water’s warm! Afterward, we will sit under my patio shade, drink margaritas, or stouts, or tasty wine from Central Coast California.


I enjoy swimming in a poodle - great place to do a dog paddle

and taunt people on GoA…

Dammit, Dan!! I wanna go swim in Dr. T’s awesome pool and knock back some drinkie drinks!! It is ******in’ hot and humid up here!!! :hot_face:

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Well, I’m still waiting for it to be done. But, yes, I’ll be ramping up the taunting, end of month (I hope).

If you have a waterproof phone case, you could multitask and do that whilst in said pool. Efficient.


I just scheduled the closing for my pool. Can’t use one year round in the Northeast.

at least you got one bonus week of use!

It finally cooled down enough to use the pool again. I’m hoping for a good month or 2 before the water drops below the preferred temp.

Having been on a travel swim team in my youth I will probably never step foot in a public pool again

Most of us ended up getting plantar warts and one kid even got an infection in one of his popped blisters (he ended up getting hospitalized)

My plantar warts went away on their own about two years after I stopped swimming

With that being said my oldest is turning 2 soon and I think it’s about time for swim lessons…. Good luck kiddo