Why doesn't the United States just break up?

I made this thread on the ao, but bringing it here. I forget exactly what was said and things have changed since anyway.

So, Joe Biden won the presidency. The red states loathe him. The blue states loathe McConnell. Assuming the republicans win the senate, government will be at a stalemate with nothing getting done. So, nobody is happy. The country is so divided right now with no clear winner with the dems getting the presidency and the house, and the republican getting the senate. So, why do we need to remain one country? Also, dipshit republicans still think COVID is no big deal. I’d like to have nothing to do with those people and they feel the same about my state. So, isn’t it time we just break up? It’s the most mutual break up ever!!!

It’s still possible the dems get the senate, depending on what happens in the Georgia run-off, but still, the way the country is divided isn’t healthy for this nation. As part of the deal, those in red/blue states will have a window of opportunity to move to the opposing country, until they are locked into either team red or blue.

This might actually require more than two countries, since the west coast can’t really stick with the east coast due to geography, so maybe 3 countries.

The real problem is that there are some states with a pretty split voting population. If there weren’t then Trump wouldn’t be picking on Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, etc. What should we do with states where 50.1% voted for Trump and 49.9% voted for Biden, or vice versa? What about states that voted for Republican senators and representatives and Biden? I think the idea is interesting to discuss, but practicably, not doable.

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Those states will vote which country they want to go with and if people dont like the results they have a window of time to move. My state is clear blue. Upstate ny and staten island will be pissed. Too bad. The way things are now are too divided

because the red counties/states have like 0 economy

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yes, but the trumpkin dipshits would probably vote to become team red, so that’s not my problem after we split up.

in NY, upstate people and Staten Islanders curse Cuomo’s name. They can move to a red state and be blissfully happy in their new red country once we split up.

well that’s what I meant. That they’re all lip service. They can’t actually afford splitting up because the blue states subsidize red states substantially.

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I feel like we city dwellers would easily lose to the red counties if a civil war broke out. Like they’re the ones who love guns and all that. It’d be like when the Roman Empire conquered their cultural superiors, the Greeks.

Or maybe they’ll be like that Chinese emperor who threw all the scholars in a pit and burned their books.

If we want to conquer North Dakota, better do it before winter imo.

Nah, the Trumpist faction would get crushed. Yeah, they have a lot of guns, but the fact is that the war would not be red state vs blue state, it would be country mouse vs city mouse, and the city mouse produces everything. Plus, the world would rally to help the anti-Trumpist, and all of that aid would get shipped into ports that are in uncontested control of Real Americans. Sure, Bob in ND has a lot of guns in his basement. Hope he can eat bullets and fuel his truck on racial resentment, because the supply line to the middle of ND is going to get pretty thin, pretty quick.

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And, because we are country mouse vs. city mouse, there’s no way to make a clean break, imo. Life in America is just going to be like an awkward Thanksgiving dinner - your drunk uncle is going to get louder and louder and stupider and stupider, and you’ll try to tell him that the COVID vaccines don’t have microchips, but he won’t listen. So you have to just learn to ignore him.

And America will slowly decline, because we can’t work together to solve any of our problems, because (and only one) party has decided the party loyalty and tax cuts are more important than truth and country.

I really don’t see a way out of this. Republicans aren’t going to get better. Trump was a predictable point on an obvious trendline. The next point is probably just as obvious, even if we don’t know who he is exactly.

Everyone should start looking at immigration policies for other countries, imo.

Exactly. So Chicago becomes a “blue state” while the rest of IL becomes a red state. But, then, what about Champaign county (Univ of IL) that went 60-37 for Biden?

(I expect the the farmers you know in MN would say that the blue states would be in trouble because all the food comes from red states.)

And, have you made any progress on Costa Rica?

oh, i was saying that the state becomes blue or red. states don’t break up. people who don’t like it have a window of time to move without immigration issues.

in Cuomoland (NE blue states) we can’t just import our food from trumpkin-USA? :confused:

:rofl: good memory! We’re actually fairly seriously looking to move to Canada. We first thought New Zealand, but it’s hard to get our dogs there.

If America was going to be like it is now, forever, that would be fairly bad, imo. But my worry is that the trend is pretty clear…and not looking good.

What about the rural areas of NY? Or Austin, TX? Did cities in red states get filled up with conservatives, and blue states sudden have a bunch of latte drinking farmers?

i don’t see it changing long-term. it’s nice that biden won, but next time, they will get someone smarter, but just as evil as trump and they will get better at cheating. i think that the pandemic worked in the dems favor in having so much early voting and mail-in voting. can we continue that indefinitely? i don’t see why we need a pademic to make it easier to vote. with the largest turnout of all time, it illustrates why we need to make these voting changes permanent.

no, but those people who are unhappy can move. they probably won’t, and instead will just whine a lot, but they will have that option.

Screw the states, split it by county. Rural America vs. Urban America. UA would have 80% off the population and almost all the taxable income. RA would have 95% of the land with all the food and power. A civil war would destroy both so not considering that. After the split RA would sell food, power and transport to UA and UA would sell production/technology, education and financial management. The interesting life and best opportunity would in those rural counties that become urban to handle the management of the new RA country.

I figure RA will seize control of all RA assets owned by UA citizens. When the rural doesn’t own the assets locally they are taken advantage of to the extent they have no means to improve.

lol what?

If only the Founding Fathers had been wise enough to set up a form of government with a limited federal government focused on national security, international treaties and a few other narrow issues while most of the power resided in the states and they were free to create laws and allow freedoms which most accurately reflected the wants, needs, desires and values of the resident of each state. If only they had created a form of government where all the powers fall to the states unless specifically given to the federal government. If only they had been wise enough to realize that Kansas (I know Kansas as a state didn’t exist in 1787) isn’t the same as New Jersey. If only…