Why do i get a notice

When people post in Democrats Say The Darndest Things

not in response to something i wrote?

There was another thread it used to happen as well, maybe one of the Wordle threads

Check your settings on those threads. Is it set to “watching” rather than “normal”?

let’s assume i dont know how to do that


Agree with NerdAlert. You probably accidentally clicked on it and set it to Watching without realizing that you’d done it. If you change it back to Tracking then you’ll just get a notification if some quotes or “ats” you or likes your post and you’ll see a count of new replies.

thank you.

“normal” is not usually one of the boxes i get to check


I believe when you start a thread, you’re automatically set to “Watching” . . . and get a notification every time someone posts.

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That’s true, but doesn’t explain what PatientZombie was experiencing as he did not start the “Democrats Say The Darndest Things” thread. More likely it was inadvertently clicked. I’ve accidentally reset the topic controls on a thread more than once when attempting to scroll through the thread on my phone.

I know that; but I think it’s helpful to add relevant information for future reference.

I think there’s a lot of mechanisms on this platform that are not familiar (especially compared to the old AO platform). So I try to add tid bits like the above post to help educate in a broader context.

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