Why are people wearing Playstation buttons on their faces?

I’ve been seeing images of this pop up on the Internet lately. Is this a new fashion trend?

ttiwwp, kernel.

I tried googling but I keep seeing images of Playstation controllers and not the outfit, but I keep seeing them on reddit.

Have you heard of Squid Game?


Oh okay yeah that’s it. So it’s a TV show that’s kind of like Battle Royale or the Hunger Games or something… That explains why people would post the buttons in contexts that didn’t have to do with gaming.

They’re Korean letters.

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okay boomer

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It’s like Hunger Games with more people and gore and a shallower story. And sprinkle on some anti-capitalism.

It’s like hunger games, but good instead of mediocre

Seems more like The Apprentice, but with a much better boss.

it’s definitely refreshing to see something done well with all the crap that is out there

That’s Battle Royale

Battle Royale with cheese

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That’s a French TV show.

For people who are lactose intolerant, would the cheese help or hurt their chances?

Generally speaking, cheese (especially the hard kind) is very low in lactose if not free of it, so I’d say “Neutral”.

My ex-wife had lactose issues with pizza - I think her farts alone would have given her a big advantage in the Battle Royale…

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Literal LOL on this one