Who makes the best burgers?

Here in Canada, I think it’s Harvey’s.

In the US my favorite are Hardee’s. The Frisco Burger in particular is excellent. It’s sourdough toast, swiss cheese, bacon, tomato, and mayo. Perfect! I also like Wendy’s. IMO Five Guys is the most overrated.

It’s a place with a green door and a red neon sign that says “Burgers”.

At least, I’ve heard that’s the best burger in New York…


IMO, the best fast food burger is the Whopper from Burger King.

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Another vote for Whopper.

For veg burger, Shake Shack portobello burger.

Or the Impossible Whopper.

Too bad the BK fries are the worst of the fast food options except maybe Cane’s.

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I like the smokeshack burger from shake shack. But I rarely go there because I hate crinkle fries and that’s a deal breaker.

Any time I’ve eaten Hardee’s I’ve had a sour stomach soon thereafter. :frowning:

I used to like Bobby’s Burger Palace when they were near me. Sadly, they all closed.

For fast food, I like Wendy’s probably the best.

For sit-down fast food, It’s Bobby’s or 5 Guys. I think Shakeshack and Smashburger are overrated.

For casual, I like the Old-Timer at Chili’s. My wife likes the Black-n-Blue burger at Houlihan’s.

I always try to hit up the Corner Bistro in NYC…

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What is hamburger? Chopped ham?


It’s chopped steak.

And what goes better with steak than A-1 Steak Sauce!!

My favorite are the steamed hams in upstate NY.

+1 on The Whopper (if they’re not heavy handed with the condiments).

I like Meathead’s burgers as well.

And agree that Five Guys are overrated.

On a related note: my favorite is a burger made from (wild) venison. And I do like the occasional buffaloburger.

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Have never had the meat burger from shake shack but my husband agrees with you. But then I got him to add on the portobello cheese whatever it is and the sauce they put on the portobello burger and he loved it. It is so darn good.

I dislike almost any cheese and all mushrooms.

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So we actually have a group at work focused on this, at least in terms of nearby restaurants. We will need to reconvene when stuff settles down, both in terms of YE work and COVID.

Top rated, by professional critics, if not a 100% consensus among us amateurs, is Chez Fonfon. Beef ground in store, duck fat fried fries. Beard winning proprietor/executive chef and a Beard winning pastry chef too.

A little humbler, but still awesome in its own right is Sammy’s Sandwich Shop on Messer Airport Highway. Total hole in the wall, but a flat top grilled burger that starts out as a hunk of meat slapped on the grill. It shares a name with a local strip club, so you can always get a raised eyebrow when you suggest going to Sammy’s.

Whopper and Big Mac are tied to me as the best in America.

In n Out is close to being tied with them.

And I don’t mean best among fast food burgers, but ALL burgers.

I didn’t realize anyone still went to Burger King. Surprised to see so many Whopper votes.

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It’s just so simple. Doesn’t try to do too much like most burger joints (gourmet or fast), can actually fit in your mouth, don’t make you feel like shit after, and has an irreplaceable and unique flavor to it. It’s the epitome of a good burger.

A lot of gourmet burgers are trying too hard with their patty. Making them too juicy, too thick, greasy…it’s really unappetizing.

Whoppers are fine, but their chicken sandwiches blow them out of the water.

(We don’t have a lot of options in the 'Po, it’s rural good anyway.)


You got Casey’s and Sonic?