(Who cares, but) WTF is going on with the Actuarial Outpost FB group?

did he read your message? I think fb tells you that.

I don’t think FB tells me that. It tells me when my facebook friends like my messages, or otherwise respond to them, but I don’t recall ever being told when they are just read. Anyway, my impression is that he would never get a chance to see it because it was automatically rejected as a violation of the group rules.

I don’t know how to link to a facebook post so that you could determine whether you can read my post.

Here’s what I see now

My post is there for me to see, but ghosted and says “Declined” under it.

no, I meant did the group admin see the pm you said you sent him, not the group post. When you send a pm to someone on fb, at the bottom of the pm will show their profile picture when they read it and if you hover over it, it will say “seen” or something like that.

:clueless: I never knew that, but by comparing that message with some others in Messenger now I understand, and he hasn’t seen it yet.

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it’s also possible he will never see it depending on his settings. facebook can put messages from non-friends in a separate bucket where you get no notification of it. it’s inconsistent in this regard though.

I didn’t know that. I guess that’s good, it means those people who message me that I never responded to have some way of knowing I haven’t seen their messages.

(I almost never open facebook messages. I don’t have it on my phone, and rarely look at facebook on my laptop.)

Now the Actuarial Outpost is even more defunct on Facebook

That’s pretty random, deviating from actsci.

I decided to unfollow. :-1:

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Looks like they got hacked.

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