Who annoys you the most on Big Bang Theory?

What I never understood was why two guys with a doctorate each, at a prestigious university cannot afford their own apartment.

Leonard & Sheldon each have to pull down $100k per annum easily.\

They live like undergrads.

eh, people do their thing. I know people who make 200+ living in tiny apartments. It’s just what they’re used to.
Some people like roommates.
Some people hoard money.

That’s not as unlikely as penny being able to afford that apartment as a waitress.

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That, too.

It’s funny, the three girls have/had their own places, but the guys: Leonard & Sheldon roommates, Howard living at home with mom and Raj probably has his rent paid by his parents.

Some sort of woke, PC thing going on, or just coincidence?

Paying for appartments rarely makes sense in sitcoms.

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The laugh track annoys me the most.

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I’ve seen all of the episodes, and I think I have a lot of them on DVD even. I don’t mind the show too much, but I like Community way better. Or Malcolm in the Middle. Or Nathan for You.

Or Better off Ted or Good News

I’ve been rewatching Scrubs. I like that one a lot.

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Reminds me of a story about Steve Young. The Bucs contacted him and ask him if he would please cash his paychecks so they could close out some old books. He had to contact his friend from college whom he had lived with while playing for the Bucs to send him a box of stuff he had left that contained said checks.

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Ok, thread bump here, but there was a major retcon last night on Young Sheldon that re-explains a Big Bang Theory storyline. I had to find a place to put this.

In the Big Bang Theory, an adult Sheldon tells Penny that the reason his OCD forces him to knock on doors 3 times, every time, is that as a child, he failed to do so one time and after a single knock he walked in on his dad, finding the dad in flagrante, cheating on his mom. Sheldon said that he never spoke of this incident afterward with anyone, up until he told Penny.

On Young Sheldon last night, that event happened in the flash back series, but what Sheldon walked in on was his dad and his mom, who were role playing in an intimate way with his mom wearing a wig and speaking with a fake accent.

This was sort of a highly anticipated plot point, as fans were wondering how the dad’s infidelity would be shown and/or explained. The dad’s character in TBBT was mostly recalled as a loser and an underachiever, but the dad as depicted in YS is a pretty decent, likeable guy.

Had the same observation and overall comments. I was hoping they would do more with this event, but I get not wanting to ruin George’s character since he’s been portrayed rather likable here compared to BBT

Next episode, it was like nothing had happened. I’m gonna expect a few more accidental viewings of Mom’s role-playing. I mean, we (viewers) all know he is a likeable person. Sheldon’s backstory shouldn’t be altered. And, of course, how George dies. Again, Sheldon might think one thing his whole life and the reality is another.

Sheldon’s backstory has been altered in several hundred small ways. Now, when you watch reruns of TBBT you see what an unreliable narrator the adult Sheldon really was. I was hoping that cotillion training would be in YS but it never was. YS was never beaten up, let alone being beaten on a daily basis. His dad doesn’t drink whisky while driving. No guns were ever in the plot. There were many dozen little remembrances in TBBT that did not happen in YS, and many things in YS that an adult Sheldon never mentioned, like Paige, Dr. Sturgis, a family owned casino, etc.

You seem to be way into this.

Did you see Sheldon’s brother Georgie is getting a spin-off?

That’s pretty old news. The bigger news is that they won’t have on any other characters besides Georgie and Mandy.

The 2 part series finale happened last night. It/they was/were pretty light on the comedy and pretty heavy on tear-jerking.

Will watch over the weekend. Probably will not keep up with the Georgie Coopers.
Thinking about it now, they did a great job casting based on looks for Georgie, who I can see growing up to look like Jerry O’Connell.

Funny that Jerry O’Connell didn’t start out that way.

It’s funny that Jerry Oconnell ended up being the handsome adult one from the Stand By Me cast, although River would likely have been if he hadn’t speedballed himself to death. It would have been funny to get JO and Wil Wheaton in a scene together, but I’m not sure that happened, not even at the Amy/Sheldon nuptuals.

While they looked alike, Young Sheldon grew tall like Jim Parsons, but young Georgie will never be within a half a foot of JerryO, not that it matters to the story telling. I thought the whole cast of Young Sheldon was outstanding overall.

I am old enough to remember Annie Potts as a hot, young, prostitute-in-training in Corvette Summer - late 1970’s I believe. I’ve always liked her.