White House Medical Unit

Sounds like the White House Medical Unit was virtually a pill mill in recent years according to an Inspector General report.

News article:

Full report:

Check out the list of drugs being dispensed on this page from 2019

The drugs on that list that are WTF are Ketamine and Fentanyl. I assume the morphine is someone that is dealing with cancer (or possibly terminal disease).

I had no idea you could prescribe those (Ketamine/Fentanyl) like this.

The rest are mostly for serious sleep problems like Versed (very strong med and rare), Sonata, Ambien/Zolpidem, painkillers (hydrocodone)/anti-depressants (diazepam/lorazepam), and standard nootropics like provigil (allows you to stay awake longer).

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Some of the quantities are also WTF. 2000 Ambien?

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These aren’t antidepressants. They are benzodiazepines, better known by their brand names Valium and Ativan. They are most commonly used for anxiety issues, but are addictive and subject to abuse.

They are not used for that purpose now in the US?

Used to be back in the day. Also for sleep disturbances and anti-anxiety.

Might have been tightened because of abuse. One of the few drugs were withdrawal can actually kill you.

Cross-check dates with crazy twitter posts from the Prez at the time.


It’s kind like the others in that it has legit uses (my son has a diazepam prescription for stopping seizures, for instance), but is more commonly abused.

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Zolfidem is basically Ambien. So it’s 4,000 Ambien essentially.

We knew Ronnie was the Candyman years ago. This is just the hard evidence rather than firsthand testimony.

Is the posted record for a single person? Seems like there is a periodicity to it of almost 30 days on many of the fills.

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Unknown since that part is redacted.

I’m also guessing the multiple prescriptions issued on a single day are for one person.

I assume its for a large consular trip. Or similar.

Its hard to get to sleep when you do long-haul for an important meeting. They usually use ambien (or stronger) for people to be well rested the next day.

Somebody have a baby? Fentanyl is part of the epidural process. At least it was when my youngest was born, which seemed weird, but that’s what they told us.

looks like the attempted valentine roophy was delayed a day or so

March, December, July… only if it was multiple people or Irish Twins followed by a preemie.

It is an interesting amount. No idea on dosage, but quantity 10-20 each time. So for that specific drug, probably intended for a real use instead of just drug abuse. But mixed with all the rest of these orders of 2,000 Ambien and especially the addictive benzos, still pretty fucked up and I have no doubt that the “big drugs” were prescribed where most people would have gotten something else.

(I’d also be surprised if pregnant people were frequently in Trump’s inner orbit. He thinks that kind of thing is disgusting and doesn’t want to be around it.)

An obvious conclusion for a father of five to draw.

How many of those 5 does he like? 1? 2?