Where do you charge your phone at night?

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In the now-office, out of the bedroom where I sleep.
I do not want to be disturbed.
Wife charges Apple watch and iPhone on night stand, on “Do Not Disturb.”

Oh, and I still have an alarm clock, because it still works. It’s 30+ years old. I will have to manually change the time this Sunday, though. Wife unplugged hers when we bought new lamps with charging ports. Fun fact: the lamps are turn on by touch, but my lamp is connected to the light switch next to the door, and it does not turn on via the switch. So, walk into a dark room fumble around for a lamp on the far side of the room. We have taken to simply leaving a lamp on at night while we are still downstairs.

My phone doesn’t go in the bedroom. Spouse charges it on the night table. Sometimes it comes on in the middle of the night and wakes me up. Which makes me irritated, because I’m boomer enough to be onboard the ‘phones don’t need to be everywhere’ ideology.
Their reasoning? What if the kids need me at night? Uh, the one kid is 26 and sleeping downstairs. The other is 28, married, and has their own house. If it’s that much of an emergency, call 911. Otherwise, call me in the morning. Anyway, apparently the response to that line of reasoning is ‘too bad’ lol.

I have a wireless charger in my office and in my car, that’s where the charging happens. My phone isn’t plugged in at night, and my phone is my alarm clock. Oh, and if I’m working in the garage there’s a charger out there.

ETA: I have ‘do not disturb’ or whatever Apple calls it set from 10:30PM to 7:00AM.

I generally charge my phone on the nightstand, but have charged it in the office. Probably need to do the office bc it’s too easy to reach for the phone when I wake up at night.

overnight, on nightstand.

during awake time at night i charge it near wherever I am at the moment.

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My phone lives on a charging stand next to my work computer, across the room from my bed. It serves as my alarm clock.

I can field calls and messages from other devices in the house, so that the phone doesn’t need to move from the stand while I’m at home.

I use Tasker to put my phone in do not disturb mode at my bedtime, and to revert back to normal mode when I clear the alarm in the morning.

Most, if not all, of the lights in the house are now “smart”. At night, we can control them by voice command, if the rules I’ve programmed (based on time, sunrise/sunset, proximity, and/or motion sensor activation) aren’t sufficient.

Phone chargers are in the TV room. We have 2 alarm clocks in the bedroom–one on each side. It’s easier to look at the nightstand next to me than crane my neck over my wife to see hers.

On the nightstand on do not disturb mode

Nightstand on do not disturb.

Nightstand. Rarely bother with Do Not Disturb, I likely get 1 call per month at inappropriate times and usually I’m dead asleep. I wake up by 5 AM most days and my earliest emails generally come around 6.

At times if work people are being extra needy (midnight emails, etc.) I have turned it off entirely.

Nightstand on do not disturb. It’s a setting in Android, i picked the times for “do not disturb” once and they just work.

Unless it’s near empty I don’t charge at night. Overcharging is supposedly very bad for the battery. I keep the phone bedside and usually play wordle when I wake to go to the bathroom. The phone never wakes me.

I charge the phone for a few hours during the day at my desk.

Not sure if I picked them or accepted the default. And don’t remember how many phones ago I turned it on, but it has persisted with each phone since.

Mine is on the table under the window in the bedroom. Either on the wireless charger or connected to a cable. The wireless charger is a little finicky and doesn’t always work. The wireless charger in the bedroom is a lay flat type. The one in my office is stand-up and is more consistent at connecting and charging.

I love my wireless charger.

The one in the bedroom is a round one that lies flat and often I don’t get the phone positioned just right and it doesn’t charge. And I have a chair next to the bed that I sit in a lot and read or listen to books on my phone. When reading I still need the plug in cord to charge.

Under my pillow

Mines on the bedside table. Do not disturb auto-turns on each night. It’s setup so that my wife’s calls would get through do not disturb. I use it as my alarm clock.

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