What's your salary progression?

In 50k increments, rounded, all compensation included (but not 401k/ESPP matching).

Started with 50k
50k-100k ~3 years
100k-150k ~5 years
150k~200k ~3 years

I know where I started, I still have the chiseled rock pay stub
No idea of the in betweens and no way I would say what I make now

no fun at parties

not even in 50k increments? must be making 7 figs

I’ll say that from starting to now, my CAGR on total comp is 8.5% over 22 years.

ETA: counting just cash compensation, I have equity now that I’ve no good way to value so it’s excluded.

so 300k+ then. Woohoo. Well checks out with your response in the other thread.

Started at 55k (salary only, rest is salary + bonus + incentive)
50k-100k: 6 years (involved switch to actuarial)
100k-150k: 2 years
150k-200k: 1 year
200k-250k: 1+


This thread makes me sad, but then I remember a lot of you live in HCOL and the salaries already stated, without tax and used entirely, would pay off my entire home-purchase value in a year. Which makes me feel better.

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my first actuarial salary was $19.4k (turned down an offer for $12.1k from another company)

Well, my salary dropped a lot when I went from full time to part time. :wink:


:no_mouth: That is… Well, wow, less than what I would have expected regardless of the time. I started at 56k w/ 2 exams and went down to 54k w/ 3 exams at entry level. (Different company, both LCOL areas but the newer one was shit for pay.)

you’re half time now? That’s probably the retirement dream

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60%. And yes, it’s great.


do you consider that retirement? or will you have an official retirement

I started at $43K. Took me 3 years to get to $50k. Changed jobs after 3 years and salary has shot up.

currently averaging over 15% increase per year over my career

I will also retire. Sometime. Not for a while, probably.

And I don’t remember my starting salary as an actuary, but I think it was close to $20K

I am not an actuary but I started there. My salary has increased more rapidly post actuary than before. I just started my 9th year and my salary from start to now has increased 14% per annum on average. If I stay in analytics it may not continue on that increase, but I am swinging for a strategy position next and hopefully go to an executive from there. Life goals. I also live in a lo COL in Louisville, KY.

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I do envy you guys’ non-NJ house prices, taxes, etc.

Hold my craft beer…