What's up with the ao?

Sorry to hear about Tom. :pensive:

I’m an old person trying to learn a new forum. I feel like my parents…


Glad to see you here snoo! (Young blood like yours is good for a forum.)


I saw Tom got laid off, interesting.
Is DWS struggling? I’ve still seen lots of actuarial jobs but I’m sure it varies.
My DWS recruiter did call me out of the blue the other day and sounded like he was fishing for job openings. Which was a little weird because in the past, my DWS person has never really been that interested in me as a candidate (took an extremely long time to respond to emails or never answered at all, always forgot all my job preferences) and had never asked me if I was hiring before.

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Well, are you? Hiring?


Asking for a friend.

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I’m trying to figure out a way to grab at least some of my threads. Should have done that a long time ago…


Nope not hiring. We hired over the summer but good for a while now

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The IP link still seems to be working. If you want to copy some stuff over here, let me know. Creating new categories here is pretty easy, just tell me what you want.

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Just an FYI – there are certain categories of threads that may be useful for this site, and they relate to the actuarial orgs. I will link to a few:

Stronger as One (merging CAS & SOA, non-hostile):

SOA taking over the CAS (hostile):

SOA & CAS, the last straw (hostile):

While I can make a whole list, it’s more go to key subforums, find the ones with the most replies and/or views. Those are the serious ones, and at its simplest, I can manually go through and save the HTML for each page (40 posts per page). We likely are missing some images, but that’s okay. I’m trying to get the links & text.


I am very tempted to update the book about the history of the actuarial profession in North America, but it’s not like what I’d write would be authorized by the SOA, AAA, or CAS.


This is totally selfish, but could you please copy the FSA Group Health Pricing, Reserving, and Forecasting module threads over here ( or at least the top ones with the most replies)? There was a lot of good info in them that I was planning to refer to when finishing up this module…
This is what I get for procrastinating.

Totally get it if this is a no go.

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Maybe create a category within “Actuarial Professional Topics” for Actuarial Politics? It could be used for society elections, for complaints against the IFoA, and for archive the threads Campbell pointed to.

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It’s easy for the admin to create a new category, but I don’t know if there’s an easy way to scrape the data. Maybe find a good place for what you want and just scrape the data yourself? That’s what I did with the (admittedly rather small) covid thread.

It’s also easy to move a thread to a new place, if there isn’t a good place for it now.

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I’m totally baffled. I have almost never been to r/actuary on reddit, but someone mentioned it today (maybe on discord) and said there was a lot of activity about exam results, which did come out for the SOA today. So I went and looked around, and yes, there is.

I also found a thread Glenn started about the AO being down, with a link to here (Goactuary). llcooljabe had added a link to the AO, via the IP address route, and Colonel Smoothie had added links to discord.

I posted that the AO link did work for me, as did the other links, and that discord was frustrating since it didn’t have threads.

Now, as far as I can tell, the thread is gone from r/actuary completely. Is it really gone? Do they delete things like that?

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The thread is there. https://www.reddit.com/r/actuary/comments/iu1lka/ao_replacement/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=mweb

Mods delete stuff on Reddit all the time, but the ones on actuary are pretty good. Maybe because there’s not a lot of noise on that sub.

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I emailed Tom (didn’t know he had been laid off) and got a reply from someone else.

Here’s the paraphrased reply:
“[We’re updating the site]…[it should be available in the next few weeks]…”

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It’s mainly that it’s tough to find posts/threads on reddit. I use it for ephemeral stuff, like looking at funny pictures or screwed-up graphs.

It’s not great as a repository for ongoing knowledge

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so, basically the exact same message we get when we go to actuarialoutpost.com

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Hahaha… ahhh hahahaha.

Hi, I’m Tiffany!