What's up with the ao?

The answer is none. A toaster can’t toast toast - before toast is toasted, it’s called BREAD.

Say I put some bread in a toaster and turn it into toast and take it out. What if I decide I want it toasted darker? Since a toaster can only toast BREAD, am I screwed?


And what if your family don’t like bread?? Suppose they like…cigarettes.

I’m afraid I must insist.

You see, my wife she has been most vocal on the subject of the pretzel monies. “Where is the money?” “When are you going to get the money?” “Why aren’t you getting the money now?”

And so on.

I just got off the phone with Patty Simpson. She says:

  • A new site will be up pretty soon. They are targeting October 1, but don’t want to promise a date since IT stuff is often behind schedule.
  • The new site will be better integrated with their new website, and will have updated software, etc.
  • The new site will be focused on exams and careers, and not get into topics that don’t align with their brand.
  • They plan to have some explicit help and support for students.
  • They plan to have strict moderation.
  • She said it was okay for me to share that information.

I think it’s a safe bet that the content of the old site will be going away.

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wow, so sad :frowning:

it’s the end of an era.

Well if they aren’t going to say it, I will. Thanks Lucy for like 15-20 years of volunteer moderation. I personally appreciate what you’ve done for the community, the work you’ve done, and the headaches you’ve endured.


Thanks, I appreciate it. Patty was quite nice to me on the phone, I don’t want to imply otherwise. I just didn’t think that was of general interest.

If they are killing all non-professional sections, they can have whatever moderation they want. It’s going to be a boring forum regardless. I’m done with exams and therefore have very little need for an exams section anymore.


The new site will be better integrated with their new website

Lol, I know what that means.

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I don’t – what’s that code for?

Advertising and recruiting promotion.
In fairness, they’re about 15 years past actually doing that. There’s so much stuff they should be doing on the site to make recrutiing more prominent while still maintaining value. It can be done,shoulda been done. It’s past due.

I think it means anytime you post, you’ll get an e-mail from a recruiter asking how your job is.
Hopefully, they don’t know about the backdoor, or whatever it is, and we can keep posting to properly defined forums.

This place, unfortunately, will have to step up a little bit. Not every topic deserves “sandbox” status.

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I will administer thorough lashings to the employees responsible for the categories and administration here. Consider it done!

oh, sure. That only makes sense for them, really.

So they’re gonna get rid of everything that made the AO fun pfffft

I saw attack ships off the shoulder of Political. I watched C-beams glitter out of anny’s eyes in the darkness of the reef. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in the rain. Time to die.

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Their appeal is going to get more selective.

To get serious for a moment, 3 of my fave AO people have died in recent years: Carol Marler, Brad Gile, and Jeremy Gold. That’s a bigger blow to me than the classic AO dissolving into the mist.

I’m grabbing what I can from them… but I know I will miss stuff. I’m not doing this in any systematic way. I’ve got my own priorities.

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