What would Rudy do

Okay I know Rudy is under a lot of heat right now but back in the 90s I heard he was like a hero cause he got rid of the squeegee men.

Now I heard that catalytic converter thefts are on the rise but ain’t no mayor be bothered enough to do something about it.

If Rudy were in charge, what would he do? Would he take care of it like he took care of the squeegee men?

Wait . . . wasn’t this the kid that got to play a game for Norte Dame before he graduated?

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He came and gave a motivational speech to us in our meetings before school started. He mostly talked about him not knowing who the 5th president was, so he’d probably do that.

is this the guy who got disbarred?

Rudy’s son was running in the New York governors race this year. He didnt make it past the primaries. His daddy’s legacy apparently didnt help him.

As someone with firsthand experience with the squeegee men, what is your opinion on what Rudy would do?

Guessing increased patrols at night (when I assume the theft are taking place). Maybe investigating the chop shops that are buying the converters to try to reduce demand while simultaneously making it harder to get away with the thefts? Seems like that’s in line with the “broken window” policing that was championed during his tenure. (I think the police chief gets some credit for that too… not sure that was solely Rudy’s accomplishment.)

I’m not sure what else CAN be done. What a mess though.

It’s not “North Dame,” it’s “OUR Dame.”

I have no idea what Rudy would do. The squeegee men were really annoying based on my small amount of personal experience with them while being in a car they force squeegeed. I started working in Manhattan in 1996 and moved here in 2001. By 2001 Manhattan was becoming a lot safer, outside of that whole 9/11 debacle a few months after I moved here.

Hold a press conference in front of a tire shop probably. Lie under oath about it if given the chance.

I had to google squeegee men.

Talking Guiliani in the mid-90s or Guiliani today?

Today, probably something like “I never knew them, I don’t know what a squeegee is.”

…retire and move to South Florida???

Rudy wouldn’t win election for mayor today. We kind of have turned on him in NYC at this point along with Donald Trump.

After 9/11, rudy thought they sould repeal term limits and let him run for a 3rd term cause he was what NYC needed or some bs. he was told no and he was gone.