What to do with my excess WD-40?

I bought some WD-40 to fix a tight shower handle and well, it was sold in a pack of 3 so I have a lot of extra. What should I do with it? I don’t think my current neighbor needs it as much as my last one did so that option might be out the window.

One option is to throw it out the window.

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Give it to this guy



Add 40-WD. Problem solved!!!


If I gave my neighbor a stud finder maybe she’d have a need for WD-40 but stud finders are only sold in packs of 1.

How did you manage to get excess WD-40. That wheel of cheese wasn’t as squeaky as you expected?

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I always assumed WD-40 is like baking powder, I keep buying it but I have never used an entire container, it eventually just gets thrown out.

CS, I’ll PM you my address and you can mail it to me?

Drive around to local playgrounds and spray it on the swings, which are always squeaky.

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