What song is stuck in your head?

We’ve got tickets for tomorrow to ride “Thomas” at the railway museum in Union, IL. The song has been in my head, too.

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Dreams - Fleetwood Mac

American Pie - Don McLean

After seeing a post about the death of one of the main members of the group

Stay In Time by Off Broadway

Somebody to Love - Queen, replaced Somebody to Love - Jefferson Airplane

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Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days of Summer - Nat King Cole

Interesting. That’s the only record my mom ever bought.

Bankrupt on Selling - Modest Mouse

Not exactly an earworm of a song, but there it is.

the style of strap that clung best to the era

love that one

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It was stuck in my head briefly in Greece when my wife was buying a pair of leather sandals.

Love Hurts

or maybe you heard that guy use a lot of big words he must have learned in college?

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Red Dragon Tattoo from Fountains of Wayne. It’s just so catchy.

Hold Me Now - the Thompson Twins

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I cant sleep rn:

Y’all go make me lose my mind
Up in here, up in here

Over Everything - Kurt Vile

The Only Murder In The Building theme song.

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Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie - Jay & the Techniques

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You won’t be happy with me,
But give me one more chance
You won’t be happy anyway

Why do we still live here
In this repulsive town?
All our friends are in New York

Why do we keep shrieking,
when we mean soft things?
We should be whispering all the time…

Pat Finnerty / “August is Falling” - Mad This Summer