What should I binge

Not sure if we can do polls here.

Trying to decide what to binge. These run from 10hrs to 90hrs, so that might be a consideration for me…

If you add something here, I didn’t suggest it has to be English, Completed. & Netflix. That is not the limit of what I watch, but for the purposes of this thread, If it is not Netflix, has to be accessible to a non-internet TV (HBO, not HBO Max) - but must be English & Complete - thnx

Master Of None
Twin Peaks
Schitts Creek
House Of Cards
How To Get Away With Murder
Orange Is The New Black

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How to get away with murder is a pretty typical legal show, with the whole murder thing going through the series. I got tired of all the main character drama sometimes, but not a bad show.

Schitt’s Creek is very quirky, but a lot of people like it. Very different than most TV I have watched and worth a look at least.

Monk and White Collar are binge-worthy, if you haven’t seen them.

I would be interested in opinions on Twin Peaks, too.

Love Monk.

Love Psych.

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whjere do I find Monk, White Collar or Psych?

Not house of cards. that was outstanding for the first season or two, then it peters out, then the lead actor does his thing and…dead.
Sherlock is pretty good.
Also, The Good Place is worth a binge.

Psych is only on Amazon Prime.

Appears that Monk is also on Amazon Prime . . .

I thought it was on Peacock too. I know the movies are.

Of this list?

That is all.
The bits of Schitts Creek I’ve seen as ads on Comedy Central aren’t funny. And if that’s the funniest it gets, well, thanks, no, next.

Sherlock was great. Nothing really original, but it is basically perfect from start to finish.

House of Cards was a great concept, but not very realistic, and it went downhill.

I liked Master of None. Not sure if it’s the go-to millennial sitcom, but it is thoughtful and funny.

Twin Peaks was neat, in that it’s a unique mishmash of idiosyncratic detective, sweet small town soap-opera, and disturbing David Lynchism… That said, there’s nothing really great about it.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if Schitt’s Creek is funny or not. I mostly just found it weird, but my wife really liked it. It’s clever/funny, not LOL/funny.

I guess I can try it. I like clever/funny.

I generally enjoyed The West Wing when it was on TV.

Really enjoyed Wings, too.

No recommendations for Letterkenny? Season 9 available on 12/26. All seasons on Hulu.

Actually surprised to that The Simpsons are on Disney+.

Disney bought a lot of Fox content recently, specifically for the streamability. Simpsons was part of that.

The local cable sports networks were also part of that, but they had to sell those to Sinclair, who couldn’t reach a deal with Frontier, and now I don’t have those cable stations. And the LA Kings are shown on them, so, off to Spectrum we go.

Some of the Netflix limited series are really good and they have the benefit of being <10 hours total usually. Unorthodox and Unbelievable are 2 my wife & I enjoyed recently.

I saw both those and liked them both. Need to read the Unorthodox book, it is in the house, though really a different story (with a similar premise)

Thanks for the reminder. That should go on the Christmas book list for my wife.