What makes people hate fun?

So like uhhh, I um heard the Taliban or whatever decided to ban music, again like they did in the 90s. Why do they hate fun so much? That got me thinking that fun-hating isn’t limited to loonies with rocket launchers. I have encountered many adults and coworkers who just hate seeing anyone enjoying themselves in any way, like the kind of person who would scowl at you if they saw you enjoying your meal or something.

What causes some people to hate fun? Why do they hate themselves so much and why can’t they live a little?

Fun is overrated.

I blame their parents.
And their social circle.
Not necessarily in that order, though they might be identical groups.

I’m just imagining a random actuary in a tie-die shirt saying “relax, man” while smoking a joint



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What is “fun”?

Getting skunk-ass’d drunk and cruising around town looking for neer-nekkid chicks?

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The same reason some people get weirded out by other people’s sexual preferences, or how people look.

I think it’s a visceral feeling. People get grossed out. And they don’t want to be grossed out. And they want to make laws making sure that other people don’t gross them out.

Usually God related.

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Are they hiring

If by cruising you mean not driving or using waymo instead then yes

Enemies of Fun, imo.


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If you are enjoying your life (having fun) on your own, you are harder to control.

  1. Authoritarians (political, religious, economic) choose to control sources of fun as a means to control you.
  2. Categorizing fun things as bad/evil (even if they are harmless) within society creates guilt for those that conform to society. A feeling of guilt weakens you and makes you easier to control and keeps you busy trying to follow the rules.
  3. Trivial rules, like those against fun things, generates more rule breakers which makes it easier to punish individuals. Easier to punish your opponents on vague moral charges than on actual crimes against society.

I’m sure there are more reasons…


I would guess so since the US census would classify Pashtuns as being white…

I may have been the only person rooting for this guy in Footloose

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Smiling is fun.


My nephew when in the military was bounced from the final cut of a black ops group because he was always smiling. I guess some jobs you’re not supposed to enjoy while doing them.


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