What kind of stuff should I buy from the UK

whaddya guys make

drugs. I hear they have some good meowmeow

You going to the UK, or just trying to take advantage of that sweet, sweet exchange rate?


you should go to asia for that. Japan just opened up. Taiwan soon.

Three words: Swaine Adeney Brigg

Aston martins

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Tea with the Queen

Liz Truss is for sale, actually we’d pay you to get rid of her.

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I don’t even need to see the OP to know this is a CS thread.

beans and blood pudding.

I heart Brexit tee shirts

Camilla lets hang

You don’t have to cross the pond for that, you can go to Taste of Britain in Norcross, although they’re currently sold out of the blood pudding.

If you have a sweet tooth: Jaffa Cakes, Kendal Mint Cake, Terry’s Chocolate Orange, Chocolate Hobnobs.

Obligatory Simpsons vid:

get me a crunchy bar, please

I just bought an AirBNB in London next summer. Taking the family over for my sons graduation.

Probably the first thing I’d do after clearing customs is get an IRN BRU. Then I’d go find myself a full English breakfast. Then find a pub and have a pint of real English cask ale.

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100% do this.