What is your COVID vaccine position?

  • Pro-Force
  • Pro-Choice
  • Anti-Vax

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Except for the military, is anyone forced to get the vaccine? If force allows a choice, even if it is a requirement to keep a job, I would go for pro-force.



If that’s consistent with all other uses of force allowing a choice as a requirement to keep a job, go for it.

Force as in, the cops hold you down and vaccinate you? Or force as in, you’re not allowed in high transmission risk areas if you choose not to be vaccinated?

The latter still sounds like a choice to me, and I’m not hearing anyone argue for the former :man_shrugging:

The time for a vaccine mandate was right at the beginning and they should have mandated it for air travel. That would have forced most people to get a vaccine and vaccinated the vast majority of people that move around from place to place a lot. Now is just reactionary and stupid. The political cost for a big nationwide mandate was always going to be too high to force it. The cost of this mandate is going to be Donald Trump Part II. It ain’t worth it especially in the long run.

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Can we agree there are some places where’s it reasonable to expect everyone to be vaccinated? I’m thinking staff in an old folks home is a pretty good example, what’s the argument to hire unvaccinated people to look after really old people who have a high chance of dying if exposed to Covid?


We might (or might not), if that was the question. But it’s not.

Its consistent with this Supreme Court decision. Not being vaccinated is not a protected status. All of these people worrying about the rights of unvaccinated workers have no problems with laws that allow employers to fire people for any reason.


I voted pro-force, but it’s with an asterisk. I don’t think it should be a government requirement other than certain federally controlled areas (government buildings, airports, etc)

I do wish more arenas, concert venues, casinos, etc would step and say ‘Vax or GTFO’.


I think that’s fine, but does that need to be federally mandated?

With governors like Abbot and De Santis yes.


And what is your opinion of laws that allow employers to fire people for any reason? Is that what informs your personal opinion of whether or not an employer mandate is forced vaccination?

This. The military, healthcare workers, and school children are examples of those who’ve long fallen in the latter camp, way before COVID. The general population has been so long protected against things that kids are routinely vaccinated against that this isn’t something the population has had to deal much with. The closest was clamp down on some philosophical/personal belief exemptions for school vaccine requirements when there’ve been measles outbreaks.

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Also interesting that some representatives of the party of less government interference on private business are also instituting roadblocks to enable private business to be able to choose to decide on vaccination, specifically prohibiting vaccination requirements.

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Who’s applying the force? Government? Or businesses/institutions?


There are lots of interesting things.

But you haven’t clarified your poll options. Honestly, i suggest you start a new poll with four choices:

Pro-force (the govt forces us to be vaccinated)
Pro-requirement (certain jobs and locations require vaccination)
Pro-choice (no one needs vaccination for anything, but it’s allowed)
Anti-vax (the FDA should remove it from the market. It shouldn’t be available.)


The current 3 choices are fine. If you believe any term is ambiguous, just define it as SteveWhite did.

Also, that pro-force option is (or has been) real. I have a friend who was a tourist in Spain when Franco was still running the show. There was some kind of infectious outbreak in the area, maybe cholera? I forget. Anyway, soldiers came to town and lined everyone up, including my friend and his family. Everyone was vaccinated. No violence broke out, because no one was that stupid. The threay of violence, in the form of armed soldiers, was sufficient force.

That’s what government force looks like.

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