What happens when you don't lift for 7 months

“Gainz,” Bro.

Just sayin’

It also helps to have a workout partner, if not a trainer. This way you can help motivate each other.

And what’s cooler than lifting 500 lbs off the floor (I’m not there yet. I’m just a little of 400 on the deadlift)?

Well, that’s why crossfit CAN be fun, if you don’t find working out that much fun, because it essentially turns working out into a competitive sport. And Americans like sports.

But for people who don’t workout much, X-Fit can be a bit daunting.

However, there are many smaller training places that are similar, but much more laid back.

Reviving this because it doesn’t need its own thread.

Started lifting again and getting more serious.

Only benching a 1-rep max of 175, can do 135x3, did 3 honest chin-ups for the first time in years, and haven’t tested my max squat yet. Squat of 175 isn’t hard but I need to take squats easy with a hemorrhoid. Will try more later.

Wednesday was heavy leg day.

Still sore AF.

X-Fit? No thanks. At my age explosive movements need to happen only while sitting on a porcelain chair.

sex innuendo?

More like “open the window!”

The rare sighting when JSM is the straight man…

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Finally getting back into the groove, but still only going to the gym twice a week.

Got the bench back up to 255 x 3 and squat 315 x 3.

Next week it’ll be heavy back and either cleans or DLs.

Just starting my groove back, after some personal issues.
Workout A: squats, bench, and bent-over row, Bar only. Very easy workout. Gonna add 5 lbs each workout.
Not allowed to try PR’s for a while. cuz old.

This thread makes my inner meathead heart happy :slight_smile:

Had a new experience at the gym today. I did my routine on the bench, which involves lifting not that much (because I am not very strong).

As I finish, a woman who is on the treadmill ~20 yards away, stops her treadmill, and walks over to me. She tells me I should get plant-based protein powder at Costco. I was not prepared for the conversation and just kind of said “ok”. She then walked back to her treadmill, turned it back on, and continued her workout.

She legit paused her workout to come give me advice because she felt I needed it since I was lifting so little weight.

“Insignificant signals” thread is over there.



The posts there are cute and funny, neither of which sounds like this ****in’ *****!! Plant-based protein - she can go fluff herself!!! :unamused: :-1:

ETA: @procrastinator has contributed to the insignificant signals thread in the past!!! :+1: :biting_lip: :100:

Maybe it was significant?
I hear, “you know, i would bone you right now on this bench, if you’d buy this stuff at Costco.”

Would be banned as a spam account if she posted that here with a link.

I hate ANY type of unsolicited advice at the gym, especially from folks who weren’t even born yet when I started lifting weights.