What does having a female brain mean?

No I’ve answered all the questions. You haven’t answered any though yet . why don’t you try?

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But I’ve answered all your questions too! Seems like we’re both happy then.

Please point me to the post where you’ve answered what a female brain is. Or where you answered literally anything else

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What does it feel like to be female?

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So you didn’t answer my post. I’m not answering any more of your questions, especially since I already answered this one. Bye for now.

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Yay! I’m glad we all agree on what it means to have a female brain <3

Mods, please close the thread.

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Note to self, Mar agrees with Anne_Roth and wants the world to know.

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Future troll/trash warning

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Im just joking. My advice was to ask the person. We can’t tell you what she meant.

i was worried every female on this board, would take any answer (at least from a male) the wrong way. hence the trap

I asked this question, in a relatively inoffensive way, a year ago. Read up.

Shit is that video a Robert Palmer joke? That’s hilarious.

I always thought Shania Twain was dumb, but maybe it’s been over my head this whole time!!!

Doesn’t this kind of imply what a “female brain” would be?

I don’t know what the original poster meant.

But a “female brain” would exhibit the phenotype of a typical female, in the same way “female genitals” would. It typically would have XX chromosomes in its cells, but not necessarily.

The phenotypical average differences don’t seem to be as well understood for the brain as for the genitals. But women are much more likely to be sexually attracted to men, and tend to self identify with women. Unless you think that’s purely socially constructed, that would be “female.”

Some people also argue that female and male brains are different in other ways, for example they claim that men tend to be better at spatial relations, and women at intuitive thinking. I don’t know the degree to which that is true, and if it is, how much is due to genetics vs environment, or even if such a distinction is ultimately possible. But the poster may have had that in mind.

Finally, there is an attack on trans people rooted in pseudoscience that claims biology tells us sex is a simple binary that in some way determines our essential nature. The implication is that being trans is an arbitrary choice that at best creates an undue burden on society, and at words confuses and corrupts children. Saying she has a “female brain” may be a way to answer these charges in the same language, to kind of say “this isn’t an arbitrary choice, it represents who i objectively am.”

because a trans person is talking I think we can rule this out

Sexual attraction tendencies seems like not a possibility as what was in mind because of same sex attraction and so on. How would you account for same gender attracted trans people then? Self identification may be what she meant, but that’s a bit recursive.

possible, but this one’s a little more off-putting if that’s what she meant

This last possibility seems possible, but is this it? Seems similar to the self identification one

Thanks for the reference but this seems to me to be a different question from mine.

None of your reply makes any sense.


Why? Because I said it was off putting to classify having a female brain as one that’s more intuitive and less spatially intelligent ? You know, they once said women are too delicate to study and it hurts their child bearing organs.

Personally as a female I’m both less spatial and less intuitive. So neither of those stereotypes hurt me. But I’m good at math (like any average person on the forum) and I have to deal with prejudice (unspoken) about women and math. I assume a woman good at spatial intelligence would be similarly hurt by generalizations such as those.

I’m not saying you said anything bad, just that I hope that’s not what was meant by the original poster.

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You are right!

Is it a chatbot ? Is that the joke?

The sentences seem to use the component words in ways that seem to predict their form- appearing near the right words, say- but without really understanding the substance of those words.

It would be nice if I was one of your robot overlords but sadly I’m not.

It’s pretty common (and troll-ish) to try to dehumanize your opponent though, so right on. Especially someone whom just made a reference to experiencing prejudice. It’s pretty common to dehumanize those people. Part of a long and time-dishonored tradition.

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