What does a food processor do

Okay somebody explain me what a food processor is, cause like some know it all dude on here claimed it’s better than a knife or something. But everyone and their grandma I know has a knife. Maybe even two, or something. Is a food processor like an automatic knife or something?

And can you hook up an air compressor to it??? Enquiring minds want to know!!!


Be sure to use the spell check otherwise who knows what will happen

Pretty sure that’s doable, or you could just use a gas-powered V8.


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You don’t process your food?

I use one to make homemade salsa. And sometimes for a recipe where something solid needs to become pureed. I never use the slicer/shredder disc.

It a lot easier to cut up stuff in bulk. And to get smaller pieces.

Unless you want uniform-sized pieces, like say for onions, just quarter it and throw it into the processor until you get the desired sizes.

If I have to chop more than two of the same things, I just toss then into the food processor.

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Life hack: you can just use your sink garbage disposal as a food processor.


One simple weight loss trick!


I know people who have bought a (new, clean) garbage disposal to make apple cider. Well, to mash the apples to make cider. Apparently it works great.


I love using it, cleaning it up, less so.

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I hate cleaning it so much that i almost never use it.


Rinse it immediately. Gets rid of most of the crud.

Then, as my wife does, make your husband clean it.

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Sounds like y’all need one that is dishwasher safe.


I haven’t broken it yet.

Wait, I did once. Fell on the tile floor. Bought a replacement mixing bowl with a red handle.

Everything but the part that houses the motor is. But it fills a huge swath of the dishwasher. So someone needs to run the dishwasher and empty it. If i use a knife, it’s 15 seconds to wash it.

When he cooks, he cleans his mess. When i cook, i clean my mess. He cooks at least as much as i do.


Huh. The non-cooker cleans in my family.

We’ve tried that. The problem is that it incentivizes the cooker to leave a mess. Whereas if you are cleaning up your own mass, it’s often pretty easy to just clean each thing as you use it, and the after-meal clean-up is minimal.

Wow, that’s some serious petty shit.

She also does far more cooking than I do, mainly because she likes to. And I like to eat, and she set the rules. Happy wife, happy life.