What do you think about investing in the Nasdaq 100?


100…101…whatever it takes


QQQ is artificially limited to NASDAQ only stocks. Cannot invest in NYSE firms like Visa. To me this is a poor way to spend 20 basis points when you can get XLK, VGT, SCHG etc for less than half that.

Buy QQQM instead of QQQ and save 5 basis points. I think their portfolio allocations are 99.9% identical, but they can charge more for QQQ because of its name recognition.

XLK is 22% NSFT and 21% NVDA and 5% AAPL
VGT is 17% MSFT and 16% AAPL and 14% NVDA
QQQM is a bit more balanced with those three stocks totaling 25% compared to 47% for the other funds. That could be a good or bad thing depending on your viewpoint of those three stocks.


If you want diversified holdings from the S&P sector funds you need more than 1. I have XLK XLU XLI XLV.

Skip the losers, go with the winners. GOOG, AAPL, AMZN, NVDA, MSFT, META, AVGO, COST, NFLX. if you want a little more diversification, JPM and LLY.

That’s what, 11? Pretty sure there’s 99% of your gains. Buy those, plan for a secure retirement in a couple years guaranteed.

You must be cas :slight_smile:

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I do vaguely wish I’d sold a couple positions in an IRA I was directing. On the other hand, one of the stocks I nibbled on is now up 75% since I bought it and I’ve got a lot of green in that account today.