What are your plans for Tuesday?

I’m going to get a page-turner book for when I need a break from the madness.

I’m working the polls. I gave my staff the day off and encouraged them to volunteer their time at the polls or elsewhere. Everyone is. :heart:

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I’m wondering what will happen if anyone tries to intimidate Serena the Poll Worker.


Tbh, there are a lotta fuckwits and a lotta guns ‘round these parts. I’m not interested in dying tomorrow.

I am too covid paranoid to have to deal with people. BUT, better you than the typical 80-90 yo who normally work the polls

That’s what I figured. I’ve had it and “recovered” so I presumably have some immunity at least for a bit. I figured I should do something good with that.

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Doing what I do 'most every Tuesday. Working. I’ve already voted absentee. I will try to avoid constantly checking early returns and media speculations based on voter turnout and exit polls, but will probably fail at that.

I won’t be able to ignore early returns, but will try not to spend too much time on them. I have a facetime chat with my mother in the afternoon. She’s in a nursing home and hasn’t been able to see any family in ages due to COVID restrictions. She is going to have a brief in person outdoor meeting with my sister on Tuesday, now allowed by the home. Sister is helping her fill out her absentee ballot and will deliver it for her.

Will probably avoid the TV all together. I doubt that there’s going to be any official announcement* of a winner until Friday.

Otherwise, why all the hoopla over the deadline for the mail-in ballots?

*I’m sure that both sides are going to continually claim victory; but I’ll put money down that if the Democrats claim victory, Trump is going to respond in a similar fashion as the above question.

I am also not interested in you dying

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Yeah, I don’t think there will be a winner declared. Just angst.

I’m going to get in line and vote. Then get in line and vote again. And again. And again. Until they close.

As long as the lines are adequately long, they shouldn’t remember me by the time my turn comes up again.


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I am going to vote, then work. Hopefully this is over quickly IMO.

Working (mailed in my vote about a month ago), then I think we’re doing movies. If the weather is nice, I might cook out.

Going tonight to get all the groceries I think we need for the next ~3 weeks, though. I expect people to be stupid regardless of the result, so the less interaction with the public the better IMO. I have a feeling events yesterday in parts of the U.S. are a precursor to what’s going to happen for a little while.

I will be working during the day and in the evening parked in front of the TV watching the returns come in… trying to will myself to not eat the 50+ remaining full-size candy bars that I bought for trick-or-treaters who did not materialize in spite of the awesome weather, Saturday Halloween, and extra hour of sleep that I erroneously expected to result in hoards of trick-or-treaters.

Maybe I will succeed in forcing myself to go to the basement and get in a workout while the returns come in. Maybe.

I don’t watch election results. I’ve recorded several hours of stuff to watch. I might watch the “Chicago 7” movie on Netflix with the wife (I think she’ll be watching the election results).

I thought it was particularly well done

Working the polls here. Hoping for no incidents…

I volunteered to work the polls, but no one from my county ever got back to me. I read they were overwhelmed with the number of volunteers. I voted early, so I’m planning to be home tomorrow. I’m sure I’ll follow election results in the evening either online or on TV

I hate cable news. So election night is a good time to watch either Fox or CNN hosts eat their whole leg as they die inside. But everything before 9pm or so is just a normal day.

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