What are you driving?

Yeah. Tesla has a unique connector. ‘Level 2’ chargers are all the same, those charge around 4kW for most cars. For the really fast charges you need DC, and there are two types.

So, adapters. Ugh.

That, and reduced range in cold temps. Though, the newer batteries seem to only lose something like 10-20% range at ~0C, or something like that. My 2015 Volt loses over a third of its electric range in winter.

Just curious. How much did your electric bill go up after you bought your car?


Criterium is another thing altogether.

That’s a whole other argument. I’ve been up in that area and it’s been celsius 40 below. That can’t be good for range. Plus, we’re in the bush, we’re not anywhere near town.
I’ve thought that perhaps I could hook an EV up to a generator while in camp. We bring a generator up for lights and coffee anyway, so it’s already there. Not sure how long it’d take to charge an EV off a generator though.

Cost to charge depends on mileage driven, of course. When I did the math, electricity cost roughly $0.03 per mile driven. When I used to commute (10 mi each way) plus weekend driving it was like $20-$30/mo.

Prior to that I was spending $120-$150/mo on (premium) fuel for my BMW 335, so.

Depends on the generator, of course, and the car. I assume it’s a 110v generator, and with the standard 110v EV charger it’s going to add 3-5 miles of range per hour charged. So even charging 24 hours/day, it’ll take days to fully charge an EV.

Now, if this is once per year, you could rent a car. I refuse to drive a truck, but once or twice a year I need one, and I rent it.

“Criterium is another thing.”

My bad.

I recently went back to a Toyota Camry. I miss my GMC Canyon!

I have a pretty dorky looking minivan in addition to my fun car. As dorky as it is, I would say that minivans are fantastic vehicles that make the large SUV I once owned seem horribly ineffective at just about everything.

Depending on WFH conditions in a year from now, I’ll need to think about what to do with the fun car. Pre-pandemic, I only averaged 125 miles per week on it most of which was work commute. I am definitely under 1K over the past year.

Vans and hatches/wagons are tragically under-rated in the US. I had a friend once who drove a Nissan Rogue, I met her at a restaurant driving my wife’s station wagon, which she mocked. She couldn’t quite see that a wagon and an SUV are fundamentally the same. She just saw the stigma of a station wagon. And I see SUVs as being wagons on stilts, so you sacrifice handling and fuel economy for naught. A van just adds sliding doors to that equation.

I’m still not quite over Mazda never offering a MazdaSpeed5. I am quite sure that myself and at least ten other people would have bought one.

What’s your fun car?

Same. Does yours have crazy wind noise? The only thing I don’t like about this car. I wonder how the new ones are?

I’ve definitely double checked all my windows are up sometimes. I guess I don’t know what “normal” levels are.

They did a redesign with the 2017 model (which my Dad has) and I don’t remember noticing it in his. But I’m always with him talking and/or the music is going, so who knows.

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Need a new thread.


should I get a convertible if I move to Socal/

I’m older, and have 3 college age drivers. I have had them all, a couple of hatchbacks, a few sedans, a station wagon, a big minivan, a full size pickup truck, a mid sized pickup, a hot rod Lincoln coupe, a jeep CJ5, and a bunch of SUVs. The F150 was the best, most versatile of the lot. I prefer SUVs. I’ll take upright stance & vision over your perceived-but-not-really-existent “handling” and I’ll take 4WD over 1 or 2 extra MPG.

I’ve never had a hybrid or an electric, although I see them on the horizon for me.

Couldn’t tell you exactly, because of summer a/c variables. Bought it in early August 2018. Our July 2018 bill was 18 dollars higher than our bill for July 2019. That’s still probably all a/c variance.

I used the leaf app calculator in the beginning (but I didn’t export and save it, so can’t refer back) that tracked how much the car charged and how much my charging rate was (wouldn’t let me put in anything more detailed than whole penny per kWh so I rounded up), and I remember it being around $11 after a month. That’s for my (at the time) 3x a week commute plus errands.

You can if you want.
I love convertibles… other people’s, that is.
Too much of a bother for me to own one, though.

What does the perceived but not existent handling mean? An F150 handles similarly to sports cars?

I have no idea about sports cars, but a Honda Odyssey handles at least as well as any sedan I’ve driven.