CAS Announces Syllabus for New International Actuarial Exam Version of Whack-A-Mole

Umm, LOL?

Exam 6-United States, Exam 6-Canada, and Exam 6-Taipei.

Taipei??? It’s a city. Why not Taiwan? Is the CAS afraid to piss off China?

So is 6I replacing all the others, or is it being added as an additional option? The article is remarkably unclear on this point.

It’s additional. 6-US, 6-C, 6-T, and now 6-I.

Important to note that it’s really for international markets. If you are in the US you are still expected to take 6U, similarly if you are in Canada you will still need to take 6-Canada.

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Everyone who thinks they can make money in China is afraid to piss off China.