Well, that was fun

So, my wife and I are just coming out of having COVID. No idea how we got it. Possibly, visiting my son and indoor dining in a very empty restaurant (he is fine)., We have otherwise been very careful. She, maybe a supermarket weekly or so. Me, walks on the street and CVS occasionally.

Wife and I started getting sick at the same time, the Tuesday before Christmas. I had a stomach bug and bad cold symptoms, no fever, very fuzzy head, lack of energy She had flu-like symptoms, Fever topping at 102, chills aches, etc… I had a flu shot, she didn’t. Really assumed it was flu. No loss taste, smell, no breathing issues, cough (both of us) but not persistent or unproductive.

When it hadn’t subsided by after the Christmas weekend, went to get her tested (I didn’t as just hard to get appointments). She was positive, I assumed I was also, as we never separated and I was sick.

Her fever broke five days ago, after two weeks. Developed terrible leg cramps, which after 3 days of not sleeping, we identified as dehydration.

Today is the first day we are both feeling normal. After New Years I got my test, and am now negative. She is getting tested again today. Pretty sure negative as well.

Near us if you donate blood they will anti-body test. That is my next step in a week or so.

Even a mild case, is a bitch.


Wow. Glad to hear you are both okay now. And scratch my concern in the other thread about your CVS visit.

normal, fascinating concept. I was fixing a rolling wardrobe I keep in my garage and my wife cleaned out the produce drawer in the fridge.

we are both wiped out and need a nap.

Glad you’re feeling better.

Glad you’re feeling better! I wish I could donate convalescent plasma - but they won’t let me. :frowning:

did your son get tested? is it possible he had an asymptomatic case?

that’s a weird activity level to have wound up with covid otherwise.

with Christmas and New Years, by the time we got the positive it was more than two weeks since we were together

so it didn’t seem to matter much at that point

One of the main causes of the spread of this disease is the delay between testing and results.
Also, need sniffing dogs and coughing apps to prevent spreading.

beside the Holidays, I was so sure she had flu. I had a flu shot, she didn’t. and my symptoms were so much less.

PZ: Sorry y’all caught it, glad y’all are better.

Serena, do you care to share why you aren’t allowed to donate? One of my relatives who caught COVID has done so under the presumption there were enough antibodies to make plasma donation worthwhile.

First off, glad it was “relatively” mild even if it still sucked, and hopefully no longer-lasting effects.

I know I got it from my dad, staying with him at his place + trying to pick him back up when he fell 4x across 2 days and the resulting close contact. No idea where he got it from. His could have been anywhere, he really didn’t break routine other than wearing a mask everywhere - because, you know, wearing a mask is 100% effective at preventing transmission. Also helps that my hometown thinks coronavirus isn’t a real thing. Not quite totally MAGA, but a solid 75% of it, so no need to wear masks (best I ever saw in any trip into the local Wal-Mart was 50% usage, including work staff where apparently masks were optional) or any of that “liberal fear-mongering bullshit.”

He was in the hospital 9 days across 2 visits. Dehydration, disorientation, start of COVID-related pneumonia. He got Remdesivir early, which seemed to have helped. He seems to have the fog-brain after-effect right now but we’re watching him for TIA episodes since he’s 81 in 2 days and that seems to be a thing among older people.

My case was very mild. Slight fever for about 4-5 days, never even to 99 I don’t think. Certainly not to 100 or anything above. Little nasal congestion, had about 24 hours where I know I wasn’t able to take as deep a breath as I normally can. In that 4-5 day stretch, If I went for a walk (20-30 minutes), about 90 minutes after I would be exhausted and have to sleep for a couple hours. By about Day 12 from infection I wasn’t noticing anything, when I came home for Christmas it was about Day 17 and I had been symptom-free 7 days which was our baseline for me coming back. I don’t notice any after-effects since.

I tried to just get outside when I could and not stay cooped up inside. Driving by myself with the sunroof open, walking in the park, walking at the track with no one around, … that kind of stuff. Can’t say for sure that getting out and getting different air lessened my case, but I’m sure being inside his place would have just kept circulating anything that was there even after scrubbing it clean, especially since he never opens windows or blinds or anything like that.

Glad you & dad are doing better, the thought of driving a car, did not seem possible.
I did step out on the deck daily. Didn’t want to walk and risk seeing people.

I wouldn’t say I have fog brain, I just get tired fast.

I have learned when my dad was hospitalized (non-COVID) if they seem less mentally sharp check hydration, and if they had a catheter, make sure they check for a UTI.

As an aside a couple of days before I showed symptoms I was taking a short walk. There was a lot of snow and ice still on the ground. An old lady, on the other side of the street calls me to help her cross (it is treacherous). I ask her if she has a mask, she said she left it in her car. I am wearing mine.

Ok, so what do I do now? I had to go back and help. I kept my face turned from her. I doubt that is how I got it, but do wonder if I passed it on


I wouldn’t have touched her with a … 39-and-half-foot pooooooooooooole!

I am considered a “lifetime cancer patient”.

I used to donate blood regularly. I lack an antibody (CMV) and I’m O- which made my blood ideal for babies. So I frequently donated directly to the Children’s Hospital where they would split a pint into 4 bags. After my first bout with BC, I was told I could donate again in 5 years. Then after 5 it was 10, then I got BC again (turns out I’m genetically predisposed) and they said never - we don’t want your blood no more. :sweat:

I tried to find a place to donate to just for research but I can’t find one. I should try the university hospital again. Maybe there is a need since I last inquired. :woman_shrugging:

Is the donation similar to a Pherisis? I used to be very regular, too regular. I built up scar tissue and had trouble on the feedback.

I eventually quit trying. I can try again, but when it doesn’t work it is none too pleasant

damn, I didn’t know you got BC again and have the gene for it. sorry to hear that. :frowning:

The new version is so good, it’s my daughter’s favorite movie.

I had this happen once, I haven’t done pheresis since. I’d rather them take the whole blood than go through that experience again AND have the blood thrown away (don’t know if this is common, but it was more upsetting than the intense fire in my arm).