Well, At Least My Friends are Having Fun

I currently have friends vacationing in

  1. Asia, Singapore, Cambodia…
  2. Israel, Jordan
  3. Costa Rica

my turn will come

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Who says any of that is ‘fun’? Sounds more nightmarish to me.

what are you waiting for?

Pass. I’d like to try some of the Asian/SEA food but it’s not worth the stress and money.

actually going on a Panama Canal Cruise in a week

did a German River cruise in November

just noticed that a lot of my friends were currently away

what stress?

And money is the reason people go to SEA

jetlag and the potential of getting sick from unaccustomed food would be the main reason that deter me.

I’m heavily considering doing a quilting cruise with my husband (he would not be quilting) in January 2024.

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do you visit sites with quilts (tapestry, sewing, crochet, knitting)? or is it just a way with people with a common interest to get together expensively, and go to unrelated destinations?

So typically it’s a group rate through a company, the company brings along sewing machines to the cruise, and often will bunk two people together from the quilting group, or you can pay for the entire room as a single, or you can bring along someone, quilter or not.

Each quilting cruise company does things differently from there. Some have a project or two in mind and you work through that, some have just “open quilting” times where you bring your own projects and primarily socialize and network, some offer classes on techniques (with lots of time for open quilting as well). All of them have quilting experts on the cruise for help or tips.

I would be open to any of them, but I would especially LOVE to do a cruise to Hawaii or Alaska, and those fill up fast, so we will see. Hawaii is more likely, because my team is least busy in January and that’s a great time to go to Hawaii, less great time to visit Alaska. But I would love to do both. There are also cruises to the Caribbean, Mexico, and even Europe. Lots of options.

I’ve a chronic disability, so “stress” for me doesn’t translate well to most healthy people. Going through TSA and flying and being in unknown areas is the worst for me. I’d rather pay to just not do it at all.

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Oh that’s fine. I had a coworker that was fairly senior and he’s never been out of the country. I don’t think he even has a passport.

Then again, most Americans don’t have passports.

How many quilting cruise companies are there???

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I have researched three or four of them based in the US. There are more in other countries. Quilters skew older white women, who love their cruises and getting their live laugh love and wine on with other white women, it seems like a solid market, covid aside.


TIL. There are quilting cruises…

Costa Rica is a great place to vacation. It has great beaches, cloud forest, lots of beautiful national parks,… and it’s safe in terms of crime rates for both locals and tourists. I’ve been twice, and highly recommend.

Pura vida


I’d love to visit more places in Asia. So far I’ve been to Thailand, Malaysia, and South Korea. Had a trip to Japan booked in 2020, but COVID derailed that plan.

I want to visit Japan, China, and India.

India is so big I wouldn’t even know where to start. It’s like trying to navigate where to go in the US if you’ve never been.

Yes, India and China are huge. You definitely need to prioritize an itinerary in both based on personal interests

Next going to cruise Mediterranean (September)

Next year looking at Fjords, Artic circle, northern lights (March) and a Safari (Sep)


Do any of these people play Pokemon Go?

Friend codes, please