Welcome to GoActuary's Actuarial Discussion Forum

Welcome to GoActuary’s Actuarial Discussion forum. We’ve got Professional conversations, Exam related stuff, and a lounge to kick back and talk about everything non-actuarial. Welcome, and enjoy your stay!

If you want to create an exam study group, here are the steps:

    • Have each member create an account on the forum.
    • Send an email to traci@goactuary.com with the userids of each member of your group, and a request to create a study group.
    • We’ll pin a thread to the top of the appropriate exam category that only your group may post to.
    • Members (depending on their settings) will get an email notification each time anyone in your group posts in the group thread.
    • At the end of the exam sitting, we’ll unpin the thread from the top of the exam category.