holy shit the crew is BACK!

I’ve waited since 2021 for this dayyyyyyy

I see all the old familiar name tagssss YESSSS

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How tf do you set your profile pic

Click the pic, person icon, preferences, right there. Don’t remember you from AO but welcome!

That’s because I pre-date you. My AO trolling goes back millenia

That you, 2pac?? :hfbb:

Yeah it’s me and I’m back as fuck
God tried to kill me so I told him he sucked
Some brother tried to shoot me and so I shot him back
Had to climb out my grave cuz being dead was whack

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No one predates me.
No one.


I don’t dare challenge lobsters

How was CM? What are you doing now?

One of my favourites from the AO days. This was the dude who shat himself at work and did a Paul George on his leg. Still less traumatic than living in Texas IMO. Welcome back lit!


Damn. Haven’t heard that name in a long time.

But is he the guy that pleasured himself on the school bus?

Don’t remember that - did he go round and round or up and down?

He wasn’t the one who posted that on the AO, but I’d say there’s a decent chance that lit did that, lol.

I forgot. But what was the name of that far out Libertarian guy who supported the whole bunker prepping thing?


This was the guy who pushed back on valentine’s day and got more than he bargained for.

haha thanks

He was really “out there”.

Starred in a comic strip even.

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I miss Rickson. I sympathize with the generic “we are doomed” sentiment. I can do without the Bilderberger/Zero Hedge/fluoride/literally getting Rahmed stuff tho.

2pac is missed. I was supposed to meet him.in Vegas and he ghosted me. A bit crazy, but mostly nice, well thought out crazy.