Ways 2022 is better than 2021

No semi-armed attempt (yet? Hopefully never again) by a mob incited by the then-President and his lackeys and intent on keeping the defeated, soon-to-be former President in power by preventing the counting of the electoral ballots that actually decide who becomes the next POTUS and VPOTUS, via the capture members of various members of Congress and the VP.

Vaccines against coronavirus, for just about anyone who wants one. Less fear of near-lockdowns and mass sickness for years to come.

Actual cold and snow, where there’s supposed to be cold and snow.

I have a real solution for what’s ailed me for months and years. [The rehab of it will go in any “ways 2022 is worse than 2021” thread.]

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space telescope imo


no rush limbaugh


More twos

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less ones

No, don’t touch it!!! Don’t even look at it!!!

No more Super Bowls with Tom Brady QBing one of the participating teams.

Dallas Cowboys eliminate themselves from the playoffs in yet another hilarious episode.