Washing machine capacity?

I see that there are a variety of washing machine sizes available. What is the best size for a family of four?

Oh and this will be one that goes inside a house and not the laundry building

Are there?
The largest ones are all pretty standard in size, which is what you want.

I don’t think there are bigger ones than that unless you’re going for commercial/industrial ones.

Front loader…with the pedestal. Your back will thank you.

I think the front loaders vary a bit in size. Top loaders a bit more standard.


I think I have something in the 8 cf range for a front loader. I’d think a 4.something would be too small for a family.

Holy capacity batman

Is that really the washer, or dryer?

As big as you can get short of commercial size. You can always do smaller loads.


How much space do you have for the washer?

Are you going to get a dryer, too?

Oh maybe the washer was 4 something and the dryer 8 something.

Just get something “high capacity”.

and pay attention to which way the doors open.


When a kid barfs all over your bed at 2am, you want that washing machine capacity. No regrats.


You can usually change this right? Same with refrigerators.

not much, probably 24 inches wide maximum, but I am considering moving the surrounding layout a few more inches to maybe something like 27 but of course that would cost money and space so I’m wondering if getting higher capacity is worth it

Consult your owner’s manual…or Manuel if he delivered it, but I think you’re right.

Now, you’re talking crazy talk.

Can’t tell if this was a typo for regrets or rugrats. :thinking:

I have a 5.0 CuFt for a family of 6. I think 4.5CuFt+ would be just fine for 4. I’d probably spend more time thinking about what brand you want to get though.

the biggest is the best. the best is the biggest
/end thread

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4.5 will probably require moving everything in the kitchen to the right a few inches. The previous owners probably only had something like 2.2 cubic feet I believe and the space is already all used up. I think if it’s above like 10k extra to do so I probably won’t. Worst case scenario though I think I will lose a bit of cabinet space but it should be okay. That’s the only place other than the bathroom where I can put the machines that my HOA will allow unfortunately and moving them to the bathroom would definitely be an above 10k job.