VO2 max testing

Anyone here done a VO2 max test? Like the kind in a lab that costs a few hundred bucks or so.

I have not.
I am not interested in such things.

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I’ve used V05 on my hair.
Back in the 80s they seemed to brand themselves as a sophisticated shampoo, but these days they’re the el cheapo version.


But it’s important!!

Did it help elect a president??

I did a lung function test after I had pneumonia and it confirmed that they don’t work as well as they could. I tested at the low end of normal for lung capacity. Was always curious about VO2max though.

Is this the test given by this guy?


Vote for him in 2024!


I think it helped prove that Al Gore was breathing . . .

Why would I’ve want to do that?

And are you asking because you are deciding whether to get one? Because you are getting one and want to know what to expect? Out of idle curiosity?

I think I was the only one in America that liked that show. I was bummed when it was named “worst show on television” and then canceled.

i liked it too. the guy that played max headroom is hilarious


I would kind of like to get my VO2 max tested. My Garmin claims it’s 46, which has got to be wildly inaccurate.

Supposedly VO2 max is a very strong predictor of life expectancy.

I took an (introductory) exercise physiology course in college. I don’t think we did VO2 testing, but we did do some analysis on aerobic vs anaerobic met based on exhaled CO2 levels at various biking effort levels.

Endurance athletes would be interested in VO2 max and training impacts on it. I am so out of shape I wouldn’t need that kind of information to inform what type of training I need.

I would be surprised if VO2 max was a strong predictor of life expectancy that would be uncorrelated with other simpler-to-measure items. It represents the maximum workload of aerobic exercise you can perform.

Need to consider how this will cut into your cheese budget. :thinking:

if you live close to a university/college their PT/sports med department often needs test subjects and you can usually get some free bod pod/vo2 max testing out of it for free

with that said, yes I have had all my shit tested because I ran track in college

it was depressing and humbling because my stats were say worse than I thought/compared to my peers

it is probably easier to just workout based on % of heart rate

are you thinking about getting tested?