Vivid Seats Tickets

Anyone ever order tix online from Vivid Seats? I ordered and I got a receipt that the tickets were delivered (I selected electronic) but I have no e-mail nor link to grab the tickets (like it states on the online receipt). Wondering if I was scammed or they didn’t release the tix for the game yet? Thoughts? Anxiety!

Have you checked your spam folder?

Also, what type of venue are the tickets for? (If you don’t mind sharing that tidbit.)

I did all that
Packers Cardinals game Oct 28th

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By all means, ask us and not Vivid Tickets!!!

So, contact vivid tickets, and include your receipt number. Or, if there’s no number, a pdf of the receipt.
Also, get documentation of however you paid for the tickets, to confirm that you actually paid for tickets.

Disclaimer: I don’t think I’ve ever used Vivid Tickets.

Did that Doc. I get hung up on from “we are experiencing high call volume - call back later”

I’m hoping that someone out there knows that tickets weren’t yet released and this happens all the time. /reddit

Well, it’s possible that they don’t have your tickets. At all. They’re now scrambling to get your tickets for you. Like a naked put or something.

Or, it’s just a shitty ticket service.

Is there any other way to contact them? E-mail? (shudder) Facebook?

Did they provide you actual section and seat numbers?

Section/Row/Qty only on receipt.
“You will be transferred your tickets directly from the seller. Check your e-mail for further instructions”

And no email. I don’t know who sold them to contact either (Beyond Vivid Seats). It is all “guaranteed” so I am done worrying about it.

To me, the “seller” is Vivid, not the guy that has the tickets. Vivid should “have” the tickets right?

If they’re an “exchange-facilitating service,” they may not. Yet.

If they said that they have the tix, but not sending them to you, then call your credit card company and have the transaction cancelled. Or challenged. Or whatever the term the kool kats are using these days.

Off the top of my head:
Vivid has a contract with the seller to find a buyer.
Once Vivid finds a buyer and secures their money, ticket seller sends tickets to you, and Vivid tracks the shipment.
Once you’ve received them, Vivid transfers your money to seller, taking their cut.

So, you’re probably just waiting for the seller to get off their ass to send you the tickets. Maybe has to go to UPS or something.

I ordered from Vivid once a few years back based on a good promo deal I had. I don’t remember the details, but I had no issues. Any legit reseller offers some buyer protections, and they are one IMO.


I sent multiple e-mails to say “hey, I didn’t receive an e-mail with a link to the tickets. Can you resend e-mail please to”. Finally, today, got an e-mail saying “to accept tickets please click this link”. It was a link to SeatGeek, not Vivid.

The dude was holding onto the tickets obviously and trying to get them to me via SeatGeek. Must be why I didn’t get the e-mail to the link to tickets at first. Just got them transferred through SeatGeek (after signing up for a SeatGeek account). So looks like the dude was selling them on multiple sites - which seems a little sketchy.

Actually, it’s not uncommon for tickets to be on those sites as well as Stub Hub and any other ticket reselling site. It like getting a hotel on Expedia,, Travelocity or Booking except the back end is more like eBay. Seat Geek used to just search multiple sites and now resells. Glad you got tickets.