Virtual APC Invitations

Has anyone completed all ASA requirements and not received an invitation to a virtual APC session? I’m wondering if there is a large backlog of people waiting to receive invitations that the SOA cannot send due to capacity of the virtual sessions.

Also, RIP ActuarialOutpost.

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There has been a backlog, but it appears that they are nearing the end. I just passed the FA (my last requirement) and received an invite for the December APC after someone else was unable to attend it.

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That’s good to hear! The worry is that APC will hold back ASA designations, which is a requirement for promotion at my company. I’m sure other companies operate in a similar way.

Submitted final VEE on 10/14 and as of this afternoon it hasn’t posted to my transcript. Even though all other requirements have completed I think I’ll miss out on the invite tomorrow. Hopefully all the October FA passers make the list!

Good luck to everyone tomorrow! Hopefully I am able to get in as well, passed FA in October as last requirement.

Didn’t get the invite. Thanks SOA! Keep up the less than mediocre work!

Edit: Credit posted less than 24 hours after the invites went out. Seems almost purposeful at this point.

Has anyone gotten an invitation to APC 433?

I’ve looked at the threads in several communities and haven’t come across anyone

I know several of us that are just have APC left are still waiting, I really wish the SOA would publish statistics about this too, something like a count of participants and the number of 0 requirement candidates in the queue

I haven’t received an invitation yet and is the last requirement for my ASA. I also completely agree, there should be some sort of transparency so that people/companies can develop some sort of expectation. Also, I have read that people sometimes receive invitations later in the afternoon (3-4 PM ish), so there is hope for today! Good luck!