Video Game Development

This is a little hobby of mine. I always have a bunch of ideas. I sometimes pursue them.

Similar to novel-writing, finishing a decent video game is probably too hard/boring for someone with a job and a family. Still, it’s exciting to work on little projects here and there. I will try to post some of my ideas / accomplishments here.

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lol. I try to avoid even dreaming about games that look good. Because SO MUCH that goes into art and optimization. I usually try to make something that is “fun” with no graphics at all.

Admittedly I’ve been failing at that lately. My kiki’s delivery service style game has some pretty grass and trees and weather.

Today’s small accomplishment was making crows chase after her.

if you want testers, I’d be happy to waste an hour or two occasionally to tell you that it’s nothing at all like I expected, and that it’s nothing at all like I expected.

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Like the blair witch project of video games!

I totally forgot about my whole project after buying a computer recently. Oops.

One thing I want to build… and might go back to… is a game focused on programming your own AI to fight and quest in an RPG.

It would definitely be on the nerdy side of things. Probably testable in Excel even, depending on some details.