Who’s had? Or a partner/friend who did? The fall of Roe convinced us to finally stop being lazy and get one. Seems like a pretty simple procedure. Took 10 minutes to get a consultation for 16 hours from now, snip snip in 30 minutes or less (post-consultation that is - a week or two later), couple days of pain.

Compared to how I hear men talk of colonoscopies (which are annoying at worst nearly all the time) it seems extremely simple. Worst part of a colonoscopy is either scheduling it or being hungry for a day.

It was no big deal for us.

No experience with a vasectomy, but I didn’t have pain at all after colonoscopy. Worst part was drinking the prep, even more so than the reaction to the prep.

Funny story regarding vasectomy. Friend who bikes a lot went to get it done. Chit chat with doc about stuff led to biking, which led to doc asking “So are you one of the dudes who rides up and down [xxx] street?”, which is a bit of traffic bottleneck. Friend says, “Seeing where you’ll be cutting me, I decline to answer”

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Probably been a decade or so for me. It was simple enough I really don’t remember much. It was an outpatient procedure on a Friday morning and I hung out on the couch the rest of the weekend but feel like it was more rest that I necessarily needed.

Had one over 20 years ago.

Was done in hospital (reasons I will not post here).
Actually drove to FL (from NY) the day after (ok, a mistake, I was only person bringing grapefruit into FL)

For the most part, no big deal. Makes sex less inhibited and more spontaneous.

So, my doctor actually told me he tried to do his own vasectomy, and in realized after he started that he wasn’t as limber as he thought, so he had to call in another MD to finish.



There’s DIY people and then there’s this guy…


I’m not letting anything sharp down there

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Yes, the prep is the worst part!!! It’s not painful, but the drink tastes like crap and man, oh man, I realize how much I love solid food!!!

Snipped a couple years ago. No big deal.

Weaselette has a colonoscopy tomorrow. She’s suffering through the prep today

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Husband did it maybe 4 or 5 years ago. Some pain, maybe a few days, really not too bad. The annoying part was the post-procedure testing, took a few months before we got the all clear.

I went off BC last year, no oopsie babies yet.

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Mr aj skipped that. But no oopsies and it had to be 15+ years ago.


When my wife was over 40, had already given birth to 7 children, we decided I should be snipped. :slight_smile:

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Snipped and echo the not bad at all experiences here.

They just gave us a sealable cup and had to provide a sample produced at home and then dropped off at the lab within some reasonable timeframe (an hour? don’t remember). Not a hassle at all.

would you keep an oopsie baby

Wow has it really been 18 years? I remember it being mild uncomfortable for a few days but it was out patient and relatively simple as I recall.

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Not going to wait till March? Lots of specials around the 2nd or 3rd weekend in March, or so I’ve heard.

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We kept ours, there was never any question about it. But we made sure it was the last “oopsie baby”

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got mine after an oopsie miscarriage. We didnt even know she was pregnant

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