Why are flights into Vancouver (YVR) so expensive (from the USA (specifically DFW))? …especially over the July 4 weekend? Are Americans busting to get out of the country? Do Canadians not really want us to visit? Was it always this way? I’ve never traveled to BC (only ON…and that was a long time ago and I didn’t book the flight, either), so maybe this is just the way it is.

Share your wisdom.

Canada Day is on July 1, so that’s our holiday weekend too!!!


A lot of people have not been to Canada in over a year. Canadians, Americans of Canadian descent, Americans with married relatives in Canada, Americans with draft dodger family in Canada,…
Pent-up demand.
Also, it’s gonna be hotter than hell below the 36th parallel for the rest of the summer.

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Soory, eh, don’t forget aboot…

maple syrup importers
Tim Horton fanatics
fans of the metric system
people who like milk in plastic bags
people attempting to flee whatever country Justin Beiber happens to be in at the moment

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We had this for a not insignificant portion of my life in Minnesota. I wouldn’t say that we necessarily liked it, but it was cheaper that way.

The Canada Act 1982 wasn’t that long ago. I probably don’t remember hearing about it because I was too fixated on the Milwaukee Brewers’ stellar season that summer.


and people who like ketchup flavored potato chips
or poutine
of who like to drink Caesars
People who like colorful money, as long as it’s not copper because they have no pennies anymore
people who want to go buy toys at Toys-R-Us (yes, Canada still has 'em)

People from Vancouver are like the vegetarians of the weather world. They’ll always tell you that the weatherback in Vancouver is nicer than here.

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I was a big Robin Yount fan back then.

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Robin Yount
Paul Molitor
Cecil Cooper
Rollie Fingers
Harvey Kuenn
…are the players I can name off the top of my head.

Moose Haas
Ned Yost
Jim Gantner
Ben Oglivie
…are “oh, yeah I remember that name” guys

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Ketchup flavoured is good, but you gotta try All Dressed!!! :yum:

I used to eat potato chips with ketchup

Poutine rocks. I just had poutine with my lunch today. True story.

(But not in Canada)

Flying anywhere in Canada to anywhere else in Canada has always been stupidly expensive.


Is it a good idea to fly into SEA, rent a car there, then drive into Canada (vs fly into YVR & rent a car there)? I’ve never gone through customs as a land-animal. Only as an aviator. Will that be a big deal?

It’s fairly similar, unless of course you’re young and your car is full of shit and then they decide they absolutely must search your car and interrogate you about drugs or whatever.

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Do US rental car companies care about taking vehicles into Canada? I’d make sure that’s permitted.

I’m old as dirt and, hopefully, whomever I rent the car from will have cleaned it out beforehand. Now, if they tell me I can get a great deal on the rental fee if I just drop by their friend’s house for him to replace the spare tire, well, then maybe I’ll just pass on that deal.

Yeah, that’s something I’m going to have to verify.