Vaccine Nationalism

EU and AstraZeneca fighting about delays.

Canada yoinking vaccines from the poor nations.

Seems like America First is catching on.

It seems to me that I’d expect a gov’t to take care of their own people before trying to take care of everyone else.


One Earth! One People!

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Are you thinking what I’m thinking, Pinky?

We need more fried chicken?

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Weirdly, Canada, despite having contracted for more doses per resident than any other nation, lags in actually getting the stuff. I wonder if that’s because none of the major vaccines is actually manufactured there?

And not just a few more doses. Contracts outside of Covax sharing are enough for every Canadian, even those getting shots in Florida, to receive 10 doses.

What I don’t understand is why they have so little vaccine NOW despite having contracted for a huge amount of it.

All your vaccine are belong to us.

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Biden blocked the export of vaccines to Canada until the US supply is sufficient, so I’m sure that is a major part of it. I’m also not sure if the Canadian government was as short sighted as the EU, who negotiated a reduced price (like $14 per dose vs $20 per dose) but at the expense of being later in line for Moderna.