Using TRACE on

Does anyone know how to use TRACE on I can’t seem to login for whatever reason, or find how to navigate to the page that’s provided in the tutorial.

Personally, I use “The Actuarial CPD Tracker” app from the SOA. It may or may not help that I am a member of the SOA.

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CAS here, but thank you for the suggestion.

I use TRACE to track my CPD. It’s a separate login from Have you tried the forgot my password link?

I have, but no email was forthcoming. I even tried to re-register on the TRACE site, but nothing really happens.

Weird. I registered >3 years ago, so I honestly don’t remember the process, sorry!

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I use it, but I set up my password years ago, so i forget how. It isn’t my Academy log in.

I tried the resetting my password option, but just got an error message from the website. I emailed the tech support address, so we’ll see how that goes.

I use a spreadsheet that a few of us developed years ago. It works great.

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I also found a spreadsheet on for CAS members. I do prefer an online location rather than a file on a local hard drive though.

I email a copy to my home address from time to time. It’s not a large file.


My spreadsheet is on my Google drive.

I developed my own spreadsheet bc atm I am tracking hours for 3 organizations that all have different requirements and reporting periods. When I did use TRACE I found it cumbersome because the non AAA webcasts and conferences show up eventually, but not typically when I want to record them. Even some of the AAA sponsored stuff takes time to show up in their drop down boxes. I am like Lucy where I prefer to record the hours as close to when they occurred, otherwise I forget.

One can just type in the name of the session, ya know. That’s what I do.

(or just copy/paste from the agenda)

I do. And it is more effort (IMO) to complete all the details in TRACE than it is in a spreadsheet.

I think I’m going to go with the Google Drive option. I never heard back from the TRACE support person.