USFL thread

Did anyone even know this league started?

Week 4 is this weekend.

I only found out about it b/c of a story on CBS Sports website.

I’ve seen it on tv a bit.

It’s like watching Lions vs Jets.

They’ve tried to be all hip now with it and wow with some rule changes, but, in the end, I found it all pretty boring.

FWIW, I would actually watch Lions vs Jets, but this didn’t hold my interest.

This is in my town. Tickets are $10 (suppose that’s like Lions vs Jets) and kids are free. I think I might take the youngest just to go.


It’s not terrible. It’s also not the NFL, and maybe not as exciting as college football. However, I am excited about the prospect of another Jeff Fisher-coached team lumbering toward a 4-6 kind of record with a couple you know, a real football genius like Jeff Fisher would never have made such a stupid decision like he did kind of moments along the way.

Yeah, those will be noted by someone else. I don’t need to be among the first to see it.

Fisher will manage to go 7-9. I don’t care how many games they actually play. Mark it: 7-9