Useful Links for a Property Casualty Actuary

Back on the AO, I had a thread that was a collection of useful links. All those discussions are gone, but hopefully eventually we’ll have a good community here, so I wanted to start a similar thread from scratch. If you think there is a useful link I don’t have here, just let me know and I’ll edit it in.

Examination Information

CAS Syllabus
Historical CAS Exam Stats
Available Prior Exams and Pass Marks

Continuing Education
CAS Summary webpage on CE
CAS Qualification Standard
US Qualification Standards
Canadian Qualification Standard
FIA Standard for UK
Australian Standard
Malaysia Standard
Continuing Education thread

CAS Monograph Series (large PDFs)

Monograph 2: Distributions for Actuaries
Monograph 3: Stochastic Loss Reserving with GLM
Monograph 4: ODP Bootstrap: Practitioner’s Guide
Monograph 5: GLM for Insurance Rating
Monograph 6: Machine Learning Approach to Parameter Estimation
Monograph 8: Stochastic Loss Reserving using Bayesian MCMC (2nd e - updated Monograph 1)
Monograph 9: Data Quality Management in P&C Insurance

Other Key Links

Code of Professional Conduct (US)
Actuarial Standards of Practice
CAS Strategic Approach to Diversity
CAS Community Hub

GoActuary Threads

Umbrella vs Excess
Closed without pay in frequency?


I was a big fan of this on AO, thank you for reproducing here! I went to it one time to lookup spatial smoothing. Thanks!

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