US Water: Lead Contamination in NY

Have to admit that I am amazed that the US still has a problem with lead pipes.

1 in 5 NY folks drinking water via lead contaminated pipes.

US has another lead problem:

Degraded Lead Phone Cables Are Contaminating Soil, Investigation Finds

I though lead pipes in most areas that still have them had linings to prevent (or at least minimize) water contamination.

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I think I’m the case of Flint, Michigan they were adding something to the water to keep the lead from leaching out if the pipes into the water. Once they switched water sources to a provider without the additive they doomed their entire city

Anyways the talk about town around me is lead sheathing in the telephone wires (both overhead and buried underground) resulting in high lead concentration

I can’t wait to see how this shakes out

(I am certainly not an expert, and you’d be better off googling than just trusting me, but)

I think the problem was that they switched the source of their water, and the new source was different in some way (probably pH), and that started eating away the protective layer.


The city or the state?


Yep, my sons studies are in water treatment and this stuff exists per him.

But i think maybe that additive creates other problems. Not sure.

They decided to stop adding the additive despite being warned it was (more) necessary, IiRC. I think the first source needed some adjustment, but the new source needed more. Also the “patina” that treated lead pipes develop gets disturbed by mechanical stresses like repairs, so the exposure can vary. Replacing all lead water lines will take a long time and lots of money, but should be an infrastructure priority. Unfortunately not as visible as roads. Also historically service lines past meters are private. Maybe restrictions on rentals and on deed transfer for private residences are the way to force compliance.

Is lead what makes the pizza and bagels so good?

Does this mean this company has to update their machines?

A lot of people use water filters, even in NYC… (I know I did, living in an old apartment building in Manhattan, and then Queens)