UPDATE: I finally left!

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Just wanted to give a quick update to this years-long saga.

I’ve been at my new employer for a few weeks now. This is the happiest I’ve ever been in my career and, in turn, my personal life. I received a 30% raise, two title bumps, more in vacation days, better benefits, an insane 401k match, better exam support, and better exam raises. I’m actually doing a job that I like and that excites me, and I feel reenergized in my desire to get my FSA.

The AVPs and VPs at the previous employer were all :exploding_head::scream_cat: when I announced my resignation. That company is severely understaffed, continues to bleed more and more actuaries each year, can’t retain good talent, and refuses to acknowledge they are the problem. So glad to be gone.



SAY THEIR NAMES. I’m a proponent of destroying toxic companies.

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I generally agree with not protecting the guilty, but that would out xoxo to all of his former co-workers and probably many of his new ones.

Plus dissing a past employer may not go over well with potential future ones.

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haven’t you heard? cancel culture is IN


You are correct. I know a lot of my former coworkers lurk on Reddit and this forum. So even though I was one of several people to leave this year, it would be pretty easy to figure out who I am if I were to give the company name.

I would love to name and shame. I’ll just say it’s a very large insurer that’s a household name.

won’t you think of the poor souls that might get hired by them

well I have a good idea who it is. probably starts with the first letter of the alphabet.

But other than that, what have the Romans ever done for us?


:sunglasses: this is all you’re getting as a hint lmao

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no worries then. they’re known as a terrible workplace for quite some time.

Do they have a mascot?

It’s not Aetna. I interviewed at Aetna and they had horrible pay.
Former employer has always been the less popular option in my area but I didn’t know they had a bad reputation. Are we talking about the same place? :sunny: Lol
Current employer has a very good reputation (I think).

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I was thinking of a big life insurer (also has P&C). but I could be wrong.

Big group and :sunny:life insurer

I’m not saying anything else!

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lol I finally got it

Sunlife for those wondering

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