Unrecognized phone number on my ATT Account

OK, which one of you is it???

Alright, the usual suspects have been cleared, wondering what’s going on here. I replaced my phone several months ago, and this new device has 6 payments paid. So, maybe someone at the store added their friend to my service, hoping I’d never log on to my account (getting my mom a smart phone to replace her flip phone)?
I’m tempted to call the number, but who knows what kind of serial killer will be on the line?

What happens if a serial killer answers the phone? You have a lovely chat about the weather?

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Well, I might ask for some tips…

Oh, crap, I now remember that the rep at the store said that adding a line would result in a lower monthly bill!

So, now I can replace my Mom’s flip phone with a Smart Phone, at no additional cost except the price of the phone (and she’s not getting a fancy iPhone).

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What if the call is coming from inside DTNF’s house??

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My thought was: do you have an ipad with cell service?

I thought they did something to my dad’s account a couple years ago. But when he went in and got a new phone, he got an iPad for “free.” Turns out he’s paying like $5 a month for cellular service on it.

I went to the ATT store, and somehow my memory jogged while there. I put the payment of my new phone on the “new line” and this resulted in a much lower monthly payment in total, like $30/mo or so.
However, when we (siblings) give our mom a smart phone on my account (she’s paying some ungodly amount for a single dumb phone on her account), I’ll probably have to pay off my phone all at once, transfer her number (no way she’ll want a new number) to my account, and I don’t think my monthly bill will change as a result.

This will be an interesting gift, as she can be quite the Luddite when modernizing. Microwave oven, VCR, cordless phone, DVR, cell phone, etc. Claimed she didn’t need any of those things, now she can’t live without them.

She went to my nephew’s baseball game the other day, she got lost, and my brother had to direct her way to it. Smart phone would have told her the directions from her home.

My grandmother went from pioneer to Luddite overnight.

She had an answering machine long before normal people had them, and she was practically the first person in the universe to get a VCR.

But she steadfastly refused to get a cell phone and died in 2007, having never had one.

I think I got my first cell phone in 2001, and I was definitely a late adopter. My then-husband got one in 1998 or 1999 though, and it didn’t seem like we could possibly need TWO…

Thanks, and welcome!

I now have a new issue: I was texting a group yesterday (about poker night, if you must know), At some point yesterday, between 1 and 4, the number of one of the friends on the group text changed to a different area code (same last seven digits), and this friend was no longer receiving texts from me to this group. I have another text string for that friend, and the number there changed to this new phone number, and the person’s name was no longer attached to it.