United States Presidential & Congressional Election 2024

(shrug) my bad! Since this whole story seemed silly from the start, I hadn’t followed each development too closely.

Since we are already on the topic

What the unsparing anti-​impeachment op-​ed by the GOP’s Ken Buck betrays

Buck, the member of the hard-​right House Freedom Caucus who has emerged as an unlikely critic of the GOP’s “weaponization” and impeachment efforts, was unsparing. Rather than merely saying the inquiry was premature or counterproductive, he argued it was effectively based on a myth.

Actual op-ed

Opinion My fellow Republicans: One disgraceful impeachment doesn’t deserve another

Damn, first it looks like I’m going to have to rethink my GOP primary voting strategy, and now I might need to change how I vote in the general election.

Shame the D’s didn’t push to adopt ranked-choice voting or some similar system.


When will Third Parties understand that the Presidency is unreachable until they have some reps and Sens?
And state government? And local?

Third parties aren’t expecting to win anything. They are trying to get publicity for their chosen cause. Local elections don’t accomplish that as well.


And how has that been successful?
Spoiler: zero

You’re talking about them…

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You got me!

Again, nothing is done if one state is not won.
So, pick a state that has enough people to agree in that cause, whatever it is ( because i don’t know the cause), win the state. Cause a house vote for president.

The primary causes are frequently given some lip service, at least, by the primary parties. I think that is generally the goal. If the Green Party can get some Democrats more focused on environmental issues then they are successful. If the Libertarians can get more people taking about a limited government then they are successful. Until some major changes are made to our political system ( like RCV) we are going to have a 2 party dominant system and the small parties recognize that so they aren’t going to put forth the effort necessary to topple a major party (which of the strategy you are describing). They are taking the most efficient route to get their ideas discussed.

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Kennedy is a dark funded spoiler. The dumbass doesn’t realize it. 3rd party is to fuck over one side or the other.

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I believe Ross Perot was on Clinton’s Christmas card list until his death.


The primary motivation for third parties to run attention-grabbing candidates for high office is to attract enough votes to get ballot access as a real party, so that local candidates might have an easier shot at being competitive.

In most states, if you are nominated by a party that received a certain proportion of the vote in a prior statewide/federal election, you don’t have to do much else to appear on the ballot. Otherwise, you have to go out and collect a LOT of signatures…

The Green Party’s only successful campaign caused Al Gore to lose. It’s like greek tragedy levels of irony.

Was Al Gore as focused on the environment before that loss?

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Clearly he was just the same as republicans on the environment, Ralph Nader even said so so it must be true.

Al Gore is the reason why the Senate had hearings on global warming in 1988. He wasn’t as focused on the environment as he is now because he had other responsibilities, but has been interested in the environment dating back to when he was in college.


This argument having “legs” was the cost of clinton pivoting right, and becoming basically a rockefeller republican, to keep the working class white vote.

You cannot disregard Jill Stein’s assistance in getting Trump elected in 2016, and the damage that will have on environmental policies for decades.

I cannot disregard it until I have some proof that she took away enough votes in a state that was won by Trump but would have been won by Clinton. You have these numbers?

Asking for a friend.


Yeah. Nadar clearly took enough votes to swing Florida and New Hampshire, either of which would have flipped 2000 had he not been on the ballot.

I’m not sure Stein had a similar influence on 2016.