United States Bankruptcy Court District of Minnesota

Back on the AO I had thread about the United States Bankruptcy Court District of Minnesota.

At first, I was wondering why there’s a spike of filings in the months surrounding April. The answer, more or less, is that’s when people get the refund from filing their tax returns and so that’s when they have enough money to pay for all the costs associated with filing for bankruptcy.

The last discussion was about the low number of bankruptcy filings seen starting ~ April 2020. (See Monthly Case Filing Statistics | District of Minnesota | United States Bankruptcy Court). I wondered, “Why? If the economy is going so poorly & people/companies are losing their jobs/businesses left & right, why haven’t filings sky rocketed? Instead, they’ve plummeted.”

I don’t specifically recall the discussion, but I’m sure people mentioned the bailout money.

Today, the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis published this article: