UI freezes when typing email address?

The user interface quickly picks up on usernames when using the @ feature. e.g. if I tagged @Serena , there is no slowdown and it sorts through the names quickly as I type.
But do it as an email address with any text before the @ symbol, and it hangs and gets a frozen script with each letter you type. Serena @e ( <-- freezes here and I typed the rest of this sentence in an outside window then pasted it here. Would have frozen every letter typed after that)

Is that intentional to stop people from embedding email addresses?

(Also won’t let me submit post/topic and that point, so I copied the entire text to outside window, cancelled the post, then reposted with ALL of this block just pasted in and I still had to add a space before the @ symbol)

I just tried this. Works fine for me, no delay.
When I type @urysohn, it pulls up a list of users. As you noted, no delay.
When I type something@urysohn, my browser isn’t doing anything - it’s not triggering a lookup as far as I can tell.
Makes me wonder if there’s some sort of auto-complete on your end?
Call out to others to try this if they don’t mind.

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Sometime today, I’ll try rebooting and see if that magically fixes it. Thanks!



No delay when I typed the email . . .