Uganda - the real don't say gay

Fuck Uganda. Fuck Christianity. Fuck Islam.


Republicans furiously taking notes.

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Shouldn’t this be in ‘Political’?

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Fuck hatred.

I’ve seen lots of hateful Christians but also have seen some who I think are thoroughly good people. It’s always a spectrum with the significantly religious. Lots who talk the talk but forget the “Judge not lest ye” or the “that you did for the least of my brothers” or “Love one another”.


I expect The Book of Mormon to change their script


Yup. I just moved it.

John, please keep the politics in the poltical section.

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I hate it so bad!


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Note that there are Christian denominations that are extremely liberal, and have no issues with non-cisness.

Unfortunately, you can’t find too many such folks in Africa between the Sahara and South Africa.

The Episcopal Church USA had several parishes and one diocese secede and reaffiliate with Anglican churches in sub-Saharan Africa in part because of their phobicness. Of course, Anglican churches in sub-Saharan Africa are making further schismy noises because they think Anglican churches elsewhere are becoming too liberal on such matters. :frowning:


True, though the liberal churches I know tend to be borderline agnostic.

The more that people take religion seriously, the more they tend to be in uneducated, isolated, homogeneous, conservative, impoverished communities.

Wonder if that will change, or if it will just get more weird. Will Christianity be mostly African, the way that Islam is now. Will America be as secular as Europe is now? (And similarly conflicted with African immigrants). And will Rural America somewhere in between?

I know some very religious people who are wealthy and educated and hang out with a variety of other people. I don’t think that blanket statements like “religious people are uneducated” or “Black people are poor” tend to be very helpful.

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Helpful or not, are they factual? If yes, then there’s no problem there. If anything, we can talk about why that is and how to solve it. The worst thing you can do is avoid talking about it, or worse, censor it.

I mean, obviously there are a lot of unhateful Christians.

I guess I’m mostly wondering if some new sect will develop to allow for community or religiosity among progressives. And/or how churches in subsaharan africa and the bible belt will converge/diverge.

Sure, just not enough. And probably not even the majority worldwide.

And Christianity is probably the direct cause for some people being vehemently homophobic.

That’s what I thought when I was younger. But I have lived in different places and was surprised at the number of educated, intelligent people who were also quite religious. I still have a difficult time bridging the gap between these individuals’ logic and religion and my logic vs. religion thoughts.

When I was younger, I went to a top college and various progressive friends/girlfriends would invite me to their churches and I would pray with them. But I think they’ve all shifted away from Church, if not God. Now I don’t know anyone who frequents church and takes God both seriously and literally, though I suppose that could just be my social circle shrinking.