TV Repair

Just bought some capacitors ($10), and when they arrive I’m going to attempt to replace old ones and solder new ones into my Samsung, then put it on my hermit cave (er, home office) wall.
This is an older (2012?) TV that we replaced (my wife insisted) a few years ago that I have lying around, and I"m loathe to get it recycled when I can try to have some manly fun with it (or completely ruin it) first.

The youtube makes it look pretty easy, and I’ve done prior soldering on a small wine refrigerator.

Anyone do this kind of DIY repairing?

Years ago I replaced the amps inside an old stereo. It almost worked.

More recently I swapped the speakers out of an old Vizio TV and put them in our less old Samsung to use as our outside tv when we upgraded to a new Samsung (with Sonos soundbar and speakers). The old Vizio went to the e-waste place today so everything is in its place and all our audio-visual needs are met.

Good luck with your project!

I contemplated doing the same type of repair on a Samsung 40" (maybe 42") TV that died very prematurely, after only about 4 years of ownership. It wasn’t even my primary TV for most of that time.

I found you tube videos that showed the repair, and I think it was the capacitors. Eventually, I said to-hell with it and just bought a new TV. I don’t do well at repairs that require tiny, delicate precision. I won’t mess with cell phone repairs. I just don’t have the precision required for little things. I screwed up the buttons on my car’s key fob when I replaced the battery.

That said, I have done lots of over the top repairs on things off of you tube videos. I have taken apart my dryer into about 200 pieces in order to replace the parts that support the spinning drum. I have taken the power sliding door off of my Honda Odyssey minivan to replace the wheels that the door slides on.

Nice work on the dryer. I waited just a little too late, and had to buy a whole new one.

Capacitors en route now. The TV has been replaced already, just sitting in a spare bedroom unused, so if I mess it up, I’m out $10 but time spent learning.

No, because a new tv the size of the moon costs about $300 and everyone here can afford that. TV’s go in e-waste.

Speak for yourself, Richie Rich.
Besides, as I wrote in the OP, the TV has already been replaced.

Well if you’re going to repair stuff ‘out of interest’ like I sometimes do, I take it apart, let it sit on the shelf for six months, realize I’m never going to fix it, then I throw it out.

I hope I get a little farther than that. The dissembled TV will be on a guest bed, and the guest (my son) will occasionally arrive unexpectedly, like he owns the place. I could do it all in a day, just need to find the day. Super Bowl Sunday is open…